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You might have noticed there’s quite a lot of change happening on the blog and in our lives at the moment. I wanted to put something all in a handy post for you all to let you know about upcoming events, changes to book club and other exciting things that will be happening in the future for The Little Contemporary Corner!

First of all, myself and Sophie get together each year to evaluate where the blog is going, what we want to change and what we need to improve on. During our last ‘meeting’ (it’s usually over pizza so is definitely not a proper meeting) we discussed a lot about where we want the blog to go in the next few months. We want to grow it, and make it a lot more friendly to use and access.


Our first big change this year has already happened, we created an Instagram! Sophie wanted a side project for the blog and she’s an excellent photographer, which allowed us to start our very own Instagram for blog posts, announcements and pretty much anything. You can find us at @TLCCBlog on Instagram, which is handily the same as our Twitter handle.

Book Club

Our second change we have already mentioned in our post about our 11th book club night, about changing the dates of our book club. Originally (and so it says in our graphics), book club happened on the first Thursday of every month. However, due to Christmas and everything around it, we have changed our LGBTQ+ book club to the last Thursday of every month. This does make a lot of sense because we’re setting you up for your book for the following month. We hope so many people can still make it, and as usual, any date changes will be on our Twitter, or just ask us!

Style Changes

It’s been a hot minute since our blog had a style change, and this year will definitely bring that for us. We need new graphics for book club (considering ours are wrong) but we really want the blog to be a lot more exciting. We both cannot wait for a change up with the blog, it’s been four years this year since we started this, and we’re definitely in need for a bit of a change up.

Proud Read-Along

We’ve not been quiet about how excited we are for the release of Proud An Anthology by Stripes Publishing in March. In 2017, we hosted a read-along for A Change Is Gonna Come, another anthology by Stripes. We loved it so much, we wanted to do another read-along for Proud. There is more information on this on my review of Proud, but we will be reading one story each day from the anthology for twelve days starting on the 11th of March 2019. This means our read-along will end on the 22nd of March 2019. Myself and Sophie are really excited to get everyone involved in this. Use the hashtag #ProudBookReadAlong on Twitter to join in our conversation!


Finally, just to let everyone know that we will both be at the Northern YA Literary Festival and YALC this year! We have our tickets books and travel sorted to be at both places. I cannot wait to spend time with bookish friends and buy plenty! Let us know if you’ll be at either of these events. We both want to meet more bookish pals this year, so make sure to say hi!

If there are any other big changes, we will let you know. Especially regarding read-along events and Book Club. We really want to work towards being a part of the community this year and join in other peoples events, so we would be so grateful if you would join in ours!

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