January Manchester Bloggers Meeting – Hosted by DK

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January finally brought another bloggers meeting to us in Manchester – and it was long awaited. I really love hanging out with all the bloggers for a few hours and finding out whichever publisher that hosts us is doing at the moment. It’s such a fun afternoon, and the day after the Stripes Equali-Tea event, i got another bookish day!

This meeting was hosted by DK and the topic was feminism. I have always been interested in feminism as a movement and counted myself as a feminist, so this topic excited me. I got to talk about feminism with loads of my female feminist friends and feel empowered for a few hours on a Sunday afternoon.

DK sent us some wonderful books about women, women’s history, feminism, women in gaming… all kinds of stuff to show that any woman can be a strong and independent person and support women in the form of feminism. They asked us the question who is our feminist icon?

I’m not a big thinker of icons, and i honestly don’t look up to a whole lot of people. Being honest, Sophie is one of my biggest feminist icons. I really admire the way she thinks about feminism and other rights, and always have done. She’s one of the most accepting people i know. With that being said, there is someone probably slightly more well known than Sophie, who i do look up to as a feminist icon.

Michelle Obama is the wife of Barack Obama, as most people know. I have always admired her grace, inclusivity and work towards women rights, along with supporting her husband. However, she’s never been silent about what she wants as a woman and what equal rights women deserve. My love for her has only grown after reading her autobiography, Becoming. She is truly a woman to be looked up to, and i’m so glad she was thrust in to the world in the way she was so she could be the badass she is.

Those are my two feminist icons. My best friend and the former First Lady of the United States. Both incredibly different, but with the same values that i look up to. I work towards being a little more like both of these women each day. They have taught me so much and i continue to learn how to be a better feminist from them.

Thank you so much to DK for this topic, and for the books they provided, i can now read until my heart is content about wonderful women and what they stand for. Also i want to say a huge thank you to Kimi, as always, for setting up the event and getting us all together. Another incredible feminist that i’m more than happy to have in my life.

Who are your feminist icons?

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