January 2019 Book Haul

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Here is the book haul that wasn’t supposed to happen. I made the goal this year that i was going to use the library more and really cut down on what i was buying. Given that i’ve also had limited funds for January, this seemed sensible to me. There were a few releases that i knew i would be buying, and i was excited for them, but not enough for a haul…

Then some book events happened, and we went to London, and there was a Foyles sale, and i lost all sense of self control. I had promised myself i’d get the few releases i was really excited for. Spend my Christmas gift cards and potentially pick up whatever charity shop bargains i find (keeping the cost down and supporting charities), but as i said, all that failed a little bit. So here is my ridiculously big January book haul…

My anticipates releases of January were:

  • Two Can Keep A Secret by Karen M McManus
  • All The Lonely People by David Owen
  • Kick The Moon by Muhammad Khan

Books that i picked up on a whim from charity shops (i had a lot of charity shop luck this month), books i’ve been sent from wonderful publishers and others i’ve picked up this month were:

  • All The Invisible Things by Orlagh Collins (AD: gift in exchange for an honest review)
  • PROUD – an Anthology forwarded by Juno Dawson (AD: gift in exchange for an honest review)
  • Milkman by Anna Burns
  • Legend, The Series by Marie Lu
  • Nimona by Noelle Stevenson
  • Five Feet Apart by Rachael Lippincott
  • Black Enough – An Anthology

And that is where my book haul should have ended, and i would have been pretty pleased with it honestly. Me and Sophie took a trip to London for the Stripes Equali-tea event at the end of January, and that event was followed by a Manchester bloggers meet-up supported by DK Publishing. Naturally, it all went down hill from there.

Myself and Sophie both had the goal in London of coming back with two books. We were allowed to buy one from Gay’s The Word and one from Foyles. I already broke in Gay’s The Word, and when we arrived in Foyles there was a 75% sale on many American Imported hardbacks and other books that i’ve wanted for quite some time and had my eye on. It was something i just couldn’t pass up. Everything i got were books that would be so much more expensive to get hold of in the future.

I also acquired some books at the bloggers meeting. Here’s what i got over the last weekend in January in Foyles, Gay’s The Word, the bloggers meeting and of course, from the Equali-tea event:

  •  Ariadnis by Josh Martin
  • Mirage by Somaiya Daud
  • Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta
  • 36 Questions That Changed My Mind About You by Vicki Grant
  • A Girl Like That by Tanaz Bhathena
  • Midnight at the Electric by Jodi Lynn Anderson
  • Bad Romance by Heather Demetrios
  • Anger Is A Gift by Mark Oshiro
  • All American Boys by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely
  • The Disturbed Girl’s Dictionary by Nonieqa Ramos
  • Love Is Love – A Comic Book Anthology
  • Let’s Talk About Love by Claire Kann
  • It’s Not Like It’s A Secret by Misa Sugiura
  • Whiteout by Gabriel Dylan (AD: gift in exchange for an honest review)
  • My So-Called Bollywood Life by Nisha Sharma (AD: gift in exchange for an honest review)
  • Music and Malice in Hurricane Town by Alex Bell (AD: gift in exchange for an honest review)
  • Patron Saints Of Nothing by Randy Ribay (AD: gift in exchange for an honest review)

It’s been a huge book buying month for me, clearly, but i’m actually extremely happy with everything that i managed to get my hands on this month, and i’m really thrilled to start reading them all. Keep an eye on the blog for all the reviews going up of these books.

A huge thanks to Stripes and Bloomsbury for the books i’ve been given in January. They also sound incredible and i cannot wait to start promoting them.

What books did you get in January?

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