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I’ve wanted to write a post about children’s books for a while since my nephew, Seth, owns a TON of books. He’s just less than 2 years old and likes a whole bunch of different books. I love reading to him and so do many other people in my family. He loves to cuddle up with us whilst we read to him and has his favourite books that he constantly brings to us even when we’ve just walked in the house! Here’s a few of my favourites that he owns.

10 Minutes to Bedtime books by Rhiannon Fielding (Illustrated by Chris Chatterton)
We have had 10 Minutes to Bedtime Little Monster for a good while now. He absolutely adores this book and seems to associate it with me because I read it to him a lot. It has rhyming and really adorable illustrations which he loves pointing at and stopping to babble at when we read it. On one page, where Belch, the little monster, is eating jelly, he has even got a spoon from his kitchen set and pretended to eat it off the page! For Christmas, my parents bought him the only other in the series so far which is Little Unicorn instead. This one is also adorable and follows the same format but the wording and rhyming is a little different (which I greatly appreciate since I can read the Little Monster one without even opening the book…)

That’s Not My…books by Fiona Watt (illustrated by Rachel Wells)
I’m pretty sure he owns over half of these books and there is a lot of them. From That’s Not My Bee to That’s Not My Witch there are a huge range of them, including tractor, fairy, unicorn, otter, owl, baby and elf. Honestly, this idea for books really is a goldmine! They have touch and feel pages which kids seem to love and my nephew adores them. I’m very sure we will soon own more of these…

Mummy and Me by Tiya Hall (illustrated by Sydney Hanson)
My sister got this for Mothers Day last year and, yet again, this is another I know off by heart. Honestly, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say I’ve probably read this about 100 times! However, it is an adorable book featuring a baby bear and a mummy bear and its about all the things they do together. I think the cutest thing about this is Seth usually looks at my sister if she’s there straight after we have read it, like he wants to go and cuddle up with his mummy right away.

The Smartest Giant in Town by Julia Donaldson (Illustrated by Axel Scheffler)
I’m pretty sure everyone knows who Julia Donaldson is – I don’t know a ton about kids books but I do know that The Gruffalo is a favourite of most children. This book is all about kindness and being kind to everyone you meet. The moral is that it doesn’t matter how you look as long as you are being good to people and it is a lovely message which is really well done!

These are just a few of the ones I enjoy but there are plenty more. There are a ton of books from my own childhood I want to read to him but he is too young for some of them yet! Do you have a child or any children in your family you love to read to? What are their favourites/your favourites to read to them?

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