Paper Avalanche by Lisa Williamson

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*I received a free proof copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from David Fickling Books

I’ve absolutely adored Lisa Williamson for quite some time now. I first read The Art Of Being Normal a few years back, and after having the pleasure of meeting her a couple of times, it’s hard not to love her personality. You can see the passion for these books that she has, and her lovely personality shines through to the stories.

img_8379I requested a copy of Paper Avalanche because it was one of my most anticipated books of 2019 so far. I was thrilled about a new book from Lisa, along with the horder story-line. I’d never read anything like it before, especially not in YA, however hording is something i’ve been interested in on a person level for some time now.

One of my favourite things about Lisa’s books is the age of the protagonists. All her protagonists have been in their early teen years, and there’s something so lovely about reading about a young teenager trying to figure out where they fit in the world and what is happening to them. Her books have an air of nostalgia for me that i absolutely love. Paper Avalanche was no different for me. Ro Snow is fourteen and dealing with her mothers problems whilst trying to handle her school life, making friends and her relationship with her father. This also ties in to the fact that Lisa writes a classic British life-style incredibly well. I always have wonderful feelings of small towns and communities when i read her novels. It’s excellent.

Speaking of the friendships, easily that is the strongest part of this novel and the thing i most enjoyed. Ro is shocked when Tanvi, a girl who has been off school for a long time, suddenly tries to befriend her upon her return. Tanvi is quite full on, and makes Ro very aware that she intends on being friends with her. This friendship blossoms through the book and it’s really nice to see support from younger girls with each other and just a really lovely friendship that you want to read about! Tanvi and Ro are definitely one of my favourite friendships of the year.

There are some other themes discussed in Paper Avalanche that were done extremely well. There’s a love interest involved that isn’t completely over the top and involved in the story, it’s really nicely inserted actually. And there’s obviously some darker themes of family issues and her mothers health issues with hording. I personally thought all of these were done really well and told in a really well explained way.

Lisa’s writing style always makes me extremely happy. It’s so easy to read and flows through a story incredibly well. I only keep loving her work more and more. I urge you to pick up a copy of Paper Avalanche on it’s release date which is THIS WEEK! Now i just have the long wait until Lisa releases something else…

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