Bookish Things I Want To Do In 2019 (Blogmas)

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I set myself some reading goals for 2018, and admittedly i didn’t do all that good with them. Although i enjoyed the challenge, i think i set myself too many goals and it all became a little overwhelming to deal with. I got some of them done, and i’m pleased with that, but choosing later on in the year to not put as much focus on them felt really good.

As i didn’t do too great and found that they weren’t really for me, i wanted to avoid ‘reading’ goals and just set some general bookish goals. Maybe some reading goals will seep in to the list, but overall there are some blog goals and general bookish goals that i want to achieve in 2018.

I’ve been really proud of myself for what i’ve done this year. We moved our Book Club in to the actual real life world and we also have kept up with blogging for the entire year and grown our following. I’m really pleased with how this years gone, so hopefully i can achieve some of this stuff too!

In 2019 i really would love to chair a book event. I’ve been to a lot of book events now and i’ve been lucky enough to interview some pretty big authors. Next year i want to try my hand at chairing a book event. Even if it doesn’t happen in the next year i think i’d like it to happen at least once in my life time. I think it would be really fun to be involved in a book event like that and get to speak to an author one on one.

Another thing that i’ve sort of mentioned was the Book Club. I’d really love to keep it going for the entire year and maybe even try and grow it a little bit. I’m so incredibly proud of what we’ve done with it in the last few months and kept it running, however i would love the achievement of having it run successfully January to December. So one of my goals is to just keep up my good work basically!

I would love to visit some more book shops that i haven’t been to before in 2019. In 2018 i have been incredibly lucky with visiting new book shops, as is evident with my new Book Shop series on the blog – all about the book shops i’ve been visiting recently! I have some abroad trips in the making for 2019 and i would love to add some new places to the U.K in there too and actually try out some more new book shops. It’s been my highlight this year to travel to Hereford and check out all the book shops and also the ones in Amsterdam i fell in love with. Hopefully i’ll find some excellent ones.

One of the smaller things i want to achieve is to make another list of smaller bookish goals and stick to every single one of them. People that know me know that i like a little organisation in my life. Having some kind of reading goals makes me feel as though i’ve achieved something in the year. Last year i set the goal of wanting to read more of my friends favourite books. That sadly didn’t happen a whole bunch, but i have made the effort this year to BUY my friends favourite books. So i think next year needs to be me getting around to actually reading them.

The last thing that i want to try and do next year is use the library a little more. I wanted to do that in 2018 but found it difficult to get to my library as it’s in a place i don’t often go in my town. Now i’ve passed my driving test and have my own car, i think next year i can make far better bookish decisions and use my library for those books that i’m not 100% keen on owning!

So these are the things that i’d love to achieve in the next year. I can’t say that i’ll achieve them all because lets face it, i keep saying that and it doesn’t happen. But i can try! I particularly want to make more use of the library.

If you have any goals for next year, let me know in the comments! They don’t even have to be reading related!

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