2019 Bookish Goals (Blogmas)

Chat HeaderLast year, I set some goals for my reading and I completed barely any of these! To be completely honest, I barely even thought about them! I’ve realised that for me, yearly goals aren’t something I find helpful. They didn’t work for me last year and I’m changing the way I’m setting my goals this year.

In terms of organisation, I love setting myself goals. However, in recent years I’ve realised these goals are best being set in short time periods. Of course, I have long term goals but they are much bigger goals in general – like career based or getting my own house, rather than which books to read this year!

So! This year I’m setting much looser, vaguer goals which aren’t as specific and strict. I don’t want to feel like I should be reading something or doing something if I don’t feel like that’s important to me anymore.

I want to have a stronger social media presence for our blog. I’m sure you’ve all noticed that Sarah is way more active than me on our Twitter. I’ve had a really strange year in terms of social media – I haven’t been active on any form of it overall. I had a bit of a break because it was really badly affecting my mental health. I now have a healthier relationship with it. We have exciting news in terms of social media for the New Year anyway so keep an eye out!

I also want to be blogging more and quite honestly I think the coming year this will happen. I’m a lot more motivated right now to write posts. I’m not feeling pressure to write a particular post, I can just post whatever I want to write! This is something important to me as if I enjoy writing it, I think the post definitely comes across better.

My main reading goal for this year is to just read whatever I want with no pressure about keeping up with something or reading something for the sake of it. It’s refreshing to finish a book and have the freedom of thinking ‘what do I actually feel like reading?’ rather than forcing myself to pick something up when I really am not in the mood for that just yet. Of course, an exception to this is our book club read, but I’m always super excited about this anyway so I don’t seen this as a chore.

I also want to use the library a lot more. After YALC, I cut down a lot on the amount of books I was buying. In terms of money I needed to do this anyway! I genuinely liked the ban I placed on myself though as it made me more picky about those I do buy. I want to use the library and if I enjoy a book and would like to own it I can then buy it! It means I save money and gets me out to the library more too!

I’m not making promises right now to religiously stick to these. However, I think they are all achievable and I haven’t got strict rules on them! It’s just ‘Hey, I want to do more of this this year’ and that feels so much healthier for me.

How do you feel about yearly bookish goals or yearly goals in general? How did you get on with goals this past year?

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