Noah Could Never by Simon James Green

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Noah Can’t Even was one of my few five star books of 2017, and i absolutely adored it. It has a laugh out loud moment on every page and Simon writes a tragic teenager perfectly. I was hoping i’d find Noah Could Never to be exactly the same. Thank God i wasn’t disappointed.

Right from the first page of this book i had tears in my eyes from laughing so much. Which turns out was my biggest mistake as i started reading it on a semi-busy train. Noah is just as tragic and naive as he is in his first book, and the character consistency is excellent. Simon writes all his characters with big and bold personalities, and the characters that were introduced in this book will stay with you. I have found some of my favourite contemporary characters in Noah Could Never.

Similar to the first story, Noah’s life is tragic and cringe-worthy to read about. I love him as a person, but it’s unbearable to read sometimes. He’s such a little bean that i want to protect at all costs. I also appreciate Harry a whole lot more from his character development in this novel. The cringe-worthy moments make this book hilarious. It’s hard not to laugh out loud at Noah’s avoidance of sex or his mother hosting a drag queen in their home.

Something that i distinctly remember from Noah Can’t Even was the weird and wonderful things that happened in Noah’s life, and you spend the whole time thinking ‘this isn’t real, this would never happen.’ And before you know it you’ve been proved wrong and you feel just as paranoid and worked up as Noah would. Simon has a talent of setting something up and playing it out wonderfully and realistically, even if that involves a goose and pedal boat. Everything seems just exaggerated enough for it to be funny, but at the same time is realistic. I do wonder how he manages to do that.

One thing that i had an issue with regarding this book was how much i seemed to forget about the old characters. I remember Noah Can’t Even and i remember the basis of the characters, however every time an old character came up i was waiting for the explanation for what they did in the previous book and why i should know them. What i’m trying to get at is although i adore the story and have the best time reading these books, maybe because there is so much going on it’s difficult to take everything in and remember. That’s the only thing that threw me from this book a little bit.

Overall i really loved Noah Could Never and want to reread both of these books back to back and fully appreciate Noah’s life for what it is. Simon is great at writing LGBTQ+ representation and there is just the right amount of diversity in these characters. I absolutely adore his writing style and how witty these books turn out to be. Both his novels remind me of summer and happiness, so without a doubt pick up Noah Can’t Even and Noah Could Never before the hot weather disappears.

4.5 four point five StarsSarah Signature

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