What We Are Excited For – YALC 2018

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This has come round so fast in the last few months, I’m sat in shock that in just three days we’ll be travelling down to YALC with our friends and getting prepped for the weekend. Last year doesn’t seem so long ago now that the next is on the horizon.

We both wanted to share with you some tips and things we’re excited for this year at YALC. It’ll be the first time we have been in a group of people, and i think both of us are very excited to spend so much time with bookish friends and be around books for a whole weekend. We will do this separately in the post just for ease!

One of the things i’m excited for about YALC this year is just actually knowing and understanding what is happening at all times. Going for the last few years i seem to have gotten in to the swing of it and know where i need to be. It’s a lot of weight off if you have that covered at least.

I’m also really excited about the downtime this year. Me and Sophie have both been talking a lot about YALC being a great opportunity to meet people and spend time with our friends – obviously talking about one of the things that has brought us all together. I’m excited to see all my bookish friends and spend our downtime chatting and book shopping together, it will truly be lovely.

I’m a lot less focused on the actual books this year, ARCs and all the other stuff available. Last year was a fun challenge trying to get ARCs, however i’m much happier they’ve made it fair and accessible this year. Most of the ARCs i received i haven’t touched from last year and admittedly the books that i bought i’ve barely looked at. I need to get better at actually evaluating what i have on my shelves, and what better place to test my book buying habits than i room full of enablers and books?

For those new people, or even those people that need a reminder, here are some tips for YALC this year:

Tips for YALC

  • Carry water – You can get pretty dehydrated running around a con room all day, and on top of the fact you can’t actually remember when you took a sip last because you’ve been so busy, make sure you carry a bottle with you!
  • Get to the Tesco early – if you plan on getting a meal deal for your lunches from the Tesco over the road, bad news, so is the rest of the convention. If you get there late, you’ll be stuck with apple slices. It runs out quickly over the weekend so make sure you buy your lunch early!
  • Have fun! – While you’re there, you can get caught up in the competitions, ARC giveaways and the need to do absolutely everything on your list. Don’t fret about it, just have fun. I can guarantee that a year down the line you’ll forget about that workshop with that whats-her-face author.
  • Bring a big bag – A backpack, tote bags or even a suitcase. Be prepared for carrying around heavy bags for three days. My personal choice for the weekend is a big backpack, and it seems to do the trick for me. However if you’re the person who likes to spread out weight, come prepared with numerous bags.
  • Tote bags – That being said, you probably don’t need to bring so many tote bags as they will be thrust upon you every four seconds.
  • Know your schedule – I know i just stressed the point of having fun and don’t restrict yourself, however it’s good to know what’s going on and when. At least get to know what you want to do and when it’s happening. It’s not nice to miss something you were really excited to do.

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I will be honest, I am so, so excited to be hanging out with friends for the weekend and meeting new people and bloggers I only know or recognise from online. It’s going to be such an exciting time to chat with other book lovers, especially other people who love YA too.

I’m excited to just be around books…seriously. It’s going to be so cool to get to go to the stalls of various publishers and pick up new books (some discounted ones too!) I’m not too fussed about ARCs either to be honest – I’m only going to try and get ones that I genuinely think I will really like or that I like the author of. I own so many books (I know we all do) and I want to read the ones I think I will love and really want to get round to. In my mind, ARCs are only worth it if you really want to read it – if not, it’s just reading a book you probably would never read just because you have it early. I know they can be really useful for bloggers but I’d rather write about books I want to read.

I’m going to treat myself to new books but I’m definitely trying to not go too crazy! I mean, first of all, I can’t afford to come home with a million books! I also own a ton that I really want to read fairly soon as well as my goal to use my library card more. I’m just excited to see what’s going on, to get involved with wonderful people and to meet a few authors I love. I have planned around the schedule but I’m also going to see how I feel each day. If I need some down time to sit and read or go for a walk outside then I will. I’m trying to not feel like I’m missing out if I’m not feeling like going to a workshop/talk or something. The more I take care of my mental health, the more I will enjoy the weekend as a whole! I’m super excited because I feel like I am quite prepared and going with how I feel definitely makes me feel happier.

I’m ridiculously excited to spend time with current friends and making new ones too! If you recognise us from our blog, don’t be afraid to say hi! I will always be happy to talk to fellow book lovers.

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