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Floored is officially out for you to buy! Last year at YALC i remember picking up a sampler and being pained about how far away this release felt. Little did i know i had an exciting email to be apart of the Floored blog tour and get involved with the release of it. There have been four posts before mine, and for today’s i’ve written a monologue of my character, Velvet. She’s feisty and all round excellent – i hope you enjoy this little snippet in to her attending the launch party of Floored.

My skirt keeps riding up and I feel like my ankles are going to topple over any second. Just keep tugging it down Velvet, one of these times it might stay. It’s stupid I had to borrow one, that I had nothing nice enough for this swanky party.

What am I even doing here? It’s bad enough they wrote a book about what happened without me having to be highlighted with a load of strangers. Do a speech they said, you can write they said. I don’t want to do a bloody speech in front of all these people. Is it even going to be big? Who knows? How many people would want to come and find out what happened to us anyway?

I guess the others will be there. The ones involved – I didn’t catch names, so they’re just The Others for now. Maybe I’ll get their names tonight, although I don’t know why I want them anymore. I’ve had enough to do with them without actually having to speak to them. It could be a good way to make some friends. I was thinking that they will be the only people who know what happened between us, but if the book is mildly accurate that statement will go out of the window in a few hours.

They all looked a bit weird anyway. Maybe not that girl carrying the parcel but definitely that posh lad who stayed away from literally everyone like we had some kind of disease. Definitely not looking forward to seeing him later. Maybe he’ll bring security.

For God sake, this bloody skirt. Tugging it down on a bus seat isn’t exactly practical. When people go to launch parties, aren’t they supposed to arrive in style? Not on the number 18 sat in front of someone who may or may not vomit cider all over me.

Half seven they said, it’s twenty past now and I still have 15 minutes of my journey left. I’ll be the last one as usual then, and everyone will be looking at me as I go in. Excellent. I wouldn’t have even minded that everyone would be looking if I hadn’t made such a poor outfit choice. I guess my t-shirt isn’t stained this time which is good.

Just take out your book and start to read over this stupid speech, just keep going over it and maybe somehow something will stick in your head, Velvet. Oh God I’m going to weep.

Good evening, I was asked by the publishers if I could do this speech, I guess they saw my school grades and decided that maybe I wasn’t capable of calculating how many books we need to sell to break-even.

Good, you know that bit. Pause for laughter because they’re bound to find that funny.

It’s weird I now have a book written about me. Well it’s not about me but about something that happened to me.

Oh God, even my ankles are sweating. I think it’s about three more stops from here and then I’m off. I can get off and try and not throw up all over the pavement.

This is it, this is me getting off the bus to go and do a speech in front of a room full of people who I don’t know. It feels so great there’s a vomit sized lump in my throat. As long as it doesn’t come up when I’m talking it might be all good.

Definitely still not looking forward to this, my legs aren’t either with the fact they’re completely jelly. One foot in front of the other, and keep doing that. Maybe tug my skirt down a few times in the process just in case something goes wrong in that department.

My phone says it’s just around the corner, and the email said that I would definitely recognise the building. Don’t recognise that one, or that one, that one looks a bit like a crack club near home, but I don’t recognise it here. That’s it there. There’s that posh guy going inside in a suit that looks like it’s made of real gold. Am I just imaging that because he’s stinking rich?

Here we go. Phone in bra, last pull down of my skirt, and check my folder is in my bag with my speech notes. Yep, everything’s there. I guess I’m doing this. Head high, shoulders back and look like you have all the confidence in the world. Velvet is going in.

Flower and Star Line

Thank you so much to Beatrice at MacMillan Kids for sending me a copy of Floored and joining me with my incredible group to be able to be apart of this blog tour. I’ve loved being as creative as possible with my post and learning more and more about these characters.

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