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A few months ago i started a little series entitled ‘Bookish Happiness’. This is where i talked about all the things in the past few weeks/month that made me particularly happy that were book related. I really loved doing the first one and showcasing all the positivity that is happening around the book community at the moment. Here is the next installment of all the bookish things that have made me very happy recently.

The Rise Of Realistic Mental Health In YA
Recently i’ve read a lot of really great mental health books. It’s not often that i read a lot of great books back to back anyway, but specifically the mental health representation has been incredible recently. I read Starfish by Akemi Dawn Bowman and I Was Born For This by Alice Oseman back to back, and i know i talk about them both a lot but they’re my favourite books of the year so far. The mental health rep in these is incredibly realistic and raw. I connected on so many leaves to so many characters in these books and i cannot forget about them. These have definitely made me incredibly happy in the last month.

Book Events
With those books in mind, i’ve attended a lot of book events recently and interviewed a lot of incredible authors. These are always a great time and make my confidence with the blog soar when i’m trusted with things like this! I’m still in a little bit of shock we got to interview Alwyn Hamilton in the last month. All of these events have been so much fun and have left me feeling ridiculously happy. I really hope we keep getting invited to these things to mix with other bloggers and get involved with more author interviews. They’re a great opportunity for us.

It’s that time of the year where my whole life revolves around my YALC TBR. All i’m reading is from my YALC TBR at the moment, and i really love these structured reading months. I very rarely structure my reading when it’s not around YALC time, because i struggle to stick to a TBR. However, for some reason a YALC TBR seems much more doable for me. So so far i’ve read five or six books from my YALC TBR and i’m really enjoying having such a small amount of books to choose from. I’ve also really enjoyed all but one of the books that i’ve read. I know this will continue to bring me happiness in the next few months.

Reading Outside
I don’t need to talk too much about how nice the weather has been recently, because i’m sure we’re all in shock about how great actually enjoying being outside has been. However i’ve re-discovered my love of reading outside in the last month or so. I’ve spent a lot of time reading outside with my partner, friends and even just in the garden by myself during the day i’ve really loved. I really hope the weather stays the same so i can carry on reading in the warmth. It’s actually boosted the amount i’ve read because i’m so focused without any distractions.


I’ve recently become more invested in BookTube all over again. A few years ago I was very in to watching bookish videos online, and I have dipped in concentration with new uploads recently. However I have found my flow again and started to watch the videos of creators that I really love again. Keep an eye out on our Twitter (@TLCCBlog) where I share my favourite videos!

Let me know some of the bookish things that have made you happy in the last few months in the comments or let us know on Twitter.

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4 thoughts on “Bookish Happiness

  1. Amazing post!! I totally agree with reading outside, there is just something so nice and comoforting about being able to sit outside in the warm and reading with the sound of birds and leaves rustling in the trees and all that good stuff! 😍😍 something bookish that’s made me happy recently is competent parents in ya! 😊😊


  2. I love reading outside so much, especially when it’s sunny but still breezy, but haven’t really this year because my neighbours make quite a bit of noise and it’s super distracting.
    I got to on holiday last month though, and am excited to again if the weather is nice when I go away in a couple of weeks. 😊
    Amy x

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