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Chat HeaderI know Sarah has posted/tweeted a fair bit about YALC and the books she is reading in preparation but I haven’t really gotten as involved. I’ve been having a break from social media lately and I’ve barely been using it (my replies are shockingly late and I’m sorry!) so I haven’t really posted my YALC TBR or anything much to do with it. I have however been reading a lot to try and get the ones I’m most excited about read.I’m going to post a full list of YALC books I’ve read/hope to read, ones I’m taking with me etc later this month or early next month but here’s what I’ve been reading for now and how I’ve been feeling about it. I’m currently reading The Taste of Blue Light by Lydia Ruffles. I’m not too far into it and I’m unsure where it’s going so I am looking forward to getting more answers from it as I read more.

I’ve recently finished Starfish by Akemi Dawn Bowman and I Was Born For This by Alice Oseman, both of which I adored. Starfish is definitely one of my all time favourite books now and the main characters in both were so wonderful. Although on my TBR for YALC originally, me and Sarah had the opportunity to meet and interview them recently so that’s a couple books less to carry around for the weekend! It was an amazing opportunity and there are some upcoming posts with more detail.

I’ve started Big Bones by Laura Dockrill which I’m not far through and I started that a while back now. I like it as a quite light and fun read but I couldn’t get into it because I think I needed something I could sink my teeth into a bit? Also I was struggling with the very short chapters and couldn’t immerse myself fully (nothing wrong with the format or book, just my brain having a moment). I’m definitely going to finish that alongside The Taste of Blue Light.

I also read Editing Emma by Chloe Seager a few weeks back and I have to say, I’m not a fan. It wasn’t my type of humour and I found the writing a little young. It was actually my first YALC book for this year but luckily it’s gone uphill from there!

I’m thinking of starting I Am Thunder by Muhammad Khan or Clean by Juno Dawson next. I’ve heard amazing things about both and I’m really excited to start.

YALC has actually gotten me out of my reading slump. I was struggling to get through a lot of books but this has focused my attention as well as giving me options of a ton of brilliant YA books.

I will post soon my full TBR and how much I’m have read/am hoping to read in advance so keep an eye out! I’m super excited for YALC; both to see authors and fellow bloggers!

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