Reading Update and Blogging Anxiety

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I had an absolutely great reading month in April, and I was really pleased with how much I managed to get read at the start of YALC stress. I created my TBR’s and started to read from them and was very pleased with what I actually managed to get done. Then I hit a slump.

At the very start of May I picked up Eve of Man by Giovanna & Tom Fletcher, and honestly I thought I’d speed through it and end up loving it. The opposite happened. It took me over a week to finish and left me in a pretty big slump. I don’t know why I struggled through it as much as I did. Okay I didn’t love the story of it and I had some problems with it, but nothing that would stop me reading quickly.

I think the start of the YALC TBR stress has sent me in to a little bit of a slump admittedly. I’m constantly between being incredibly excited about getting around to all of these books that i’ve had for a long time, or getting a little bit stressed with how much I actually have to read before July.

Towards the end of April and definitely at the start of this month, it’s not helped that my mental health has taken a little bit of a turn. This has left me feeling incredibly unmotivated, unproductive and frustrated with not only reading, but also blogging. I feel like I can get back in to reading a lot more easily than I can focus on blogging. I’ve attempted to sit down numerous times and focus on generating blog ideas, but it’s just not happened for me.

It feels as though I’m running out of interesting ideas, which is even more frustrating for me because we have some very exciting opportunities and things happening at the moment on the blog. Hopefully I’ll be pulled out of this blogging slump soon, but if anyone has any ideas on how to fix this, please let me know. Maybe getting other people involved in our blog or even some post ideas that I could try, leave a message in the comments or let me know your ideas on our Twitter account.

Without a doubt I think a lot of my slump is mental health and anxiety related. I’m struggling to focus on things in my ‘real’ life at the moment so my work online is struggling. I think it might improve once I read a good book and create some blog posts that I’m really happy with. Just bear with me while I try figure out how to do that!

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