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Recently i wrote a post about things that i’d wish i’d known before i started blogging. It’s HERE if you want to give it a read. But i’ve been thinking a lot about blogging recently. Not about posts (sadly) but about the act of blogging.

I’ve had a lull in ideas for content a little for a while now, and i’ve had to focus a lot of my attention on reviews of books i’ve been reading instead of actual content posts. I’m finding it difficult to come up with new and exciting ideas when i’ve been blogging now for three years.

The one thing i’m really struggling with is the mindset that i have to post constantly. I have always tried since starting to blog to post twice or three times a week, however it’s incredibly difficult to do that for three years running. Instead of having a reading slump, i’m in a little bit of a blogging slump.

Occasionally i feel like i’ll be able to post every day for a week, and then i’ll have a gap where i have no ideas for a few weeks after that, and it’s frustrating. As someone who wants to grow their blog, not having the content to actually upload makes that incredibly difficult.

It’s one of the things that i wish i’d known before starting this blog, to be prepared for the writing slumps and the dips in content that you will inevitably have. I basically wanted to write this post to ask for some advice.

How do you get over content slumps? And more importantly do you think it’s important to keep to a regular upload schedule?

I keep switching between the thoughts of ‘i have to keep my content regularly uploaded to keep my readers’ and ‘if i upload when i’m ready my content will be undoubtedly better.’ And overall i really want the content to be the best it can be.

So that’s where i’m up to with the blog and posts that are coming up. Next week we should have some exciting posts such as my review of Clean by Juno Dawson and also me and Sophie are attending a book event in Preston next week which means there will definitely be some exciting posts coming from that.

Excuse the lull in posts at the moment while i collect my thoughts and figure out a way to keep this interesting for everyone. Any advice you might have about blogging and continuity please leave a comment!

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3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Blogging

  1. I definitely have this sometimes, especially when I’m going through a reading slump as well because my main fall back is book reviews, and reviewing books is my main thing. I think the best thing for me is to read other blogs which really gets me in the mood to write. I think because I’m still a relatively new blogger it’s easier to create new posts because I’ve done barely anything before. You could always start doing tags, too, which I love doing and reading. I don’t know whether you do them already, but they’re great content, fun and quite easy to find and do.

    Hope this helped at least a bit. 🙂


  2. It is inevitable that content buffers run low once in a while. Don’t force it and go with the flow. And don’t apologise for a gap in posting.


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