LGBTQ+ Book Club – Night One

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After a lot of preparation and a lot of promotion (I know you’re all probably so sick of us by now) we managed to finally have our first night of book club! It took a while to get it up and running and in the end we had to change the first night due to the mass amount of snow in Manchester, but it happened.

We have been advertising for a while that we will be hosting an LGBTQ+ book club in Manchester at Chapter One Books. The first night was meant to be set up as a meeting where we could discuss the future of book club, what books we’ve read in the LGBTQ+ genre and what we would all like to read in the future.

Due to the rescheduled date, we didn’t get a huge turn out, but all the same we had a great time. We chatted a little about books and admittedly spent a lot of time talking about LGBTQ+ issues and media and stereotypes. It was a very lovely and relaxed evening.

Hopefully more people will be able to come and join us for our next meeting. We agreed on a book to be read for our April meet-up, which will be:

Everyday by David Levithan

This is something that me and Sophie have both read, and we know others have, but admittedly we haven’t thought a great deal about the LGBTQ+ aspects of the book. I cant wait to re-read it and focus more on the LGBTQ+ story-lines and talk about it with the others at next months book club.

Although our poster says “first Thursday of every month”, sadly our meeting next month will be on Wednesday the 4th of April due to previous commitments from me and Sophie.

I cannot wait to meet up with everyone again and get chatting about this book. It will be very nice to come together as a bigger group next time. Let us know on Twitter or in the comments if you can come along, and read Everyday by David Levithan this month to come join in the chat!

Thank’s to everyone who turned up at the first meeting, it was lovely to have a chat and get to know people!

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2 thoughts on “LGBTQ+ Book Club – Night One

  1. I like that book really much for the whole idea of loving someone for who one is and not for how we look or for his or her genre… I really like that love without boundaries… love per being and not the body ❤


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