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So this is the big announcement me and Sarah have tweeted about! I know last year we did an online book club which focused on reading LGBTQ+ books but we really wanted to start it as a physical club. It was one of our 2018 goals and it’s now officially happening! We are really excited about it and looking forward to it and we have many plans in store.

The details! The club will take place in Manchester so if you’re local and want to get involved we’d love to see your faces! It’s going to be at a cafe (the address is on the poster for anyone not aware of the location) called Chapter One Books which is a wonderful little place where we already attend a weekly Creative Writing group. The information is all on the poster above but it will be starting at 7pm and will run til around 9pm – completely dependent on how much we have to talk about!

Me and Sarah are planning the details for it very soon as the first session is in three weeks time on the 1st of March! It will take place on the first Thursday of each month (except for the April date which will be Wednesday 4th due to previous commitments).

Details! Details! We will be reading an LGBTQ+ book each month and discussing it together in person at the session. The books may be written by LGBTQ+ identifying authors or have LGBTQ+ characters or storylines and we aren’t limiting to just fiction. Though it will most likely be a lot of YA books, we are not limiting to YA books either. We feel like the flow will find itself once we start the sessions!

We want this to be an open space for anyone and everyone to join – we are very passionate about inclusivity and we want to read more inclusive, diverse books. It will be great to chat with different people about the books we read and find new points of views and learn from each other.

If you want to get involved but can’t make the meet ups or are not local to Manchester then you still can! We will announce the book of the month on our Twitter and on the Book Club page on this blog right here so you can read along with us and tweet us your thoughts.

We both have been excited about this for a long time, and the amount of work we’ve put in has only made us even more excited to get this started and run our very own book club! We will both be attending every session and are looking forward to opening up some interesting discussions.

If you have any suggestions of LGBTQ+ literature, please comment or tweet us. We already have a list of ideas but as we said, this is an incredibly inclusive event! There will be plenty more details of how they will be run on our first meeting on the 1st of March, so make sure you’re there! If you’re planning on attending, tweet us!

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