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My local Watersones have been hosting a YA Book Bloggers Event for a little while now. It has been hosted by the runners of the YA section of the store and we have met up three times now in total. Each time is a blast and a great way to meet and interact with local bloggers.

The third event was last weekend, and it was just as fun as the others. There are usually 20/25 bloggers present and it’s a great excuse to chat to others and share blogging ideas – to be honest, little blogging actually happens and it ends up us talking about musicals or Harry Potter or pretty much anything other than blogging. Blogging is a massive part of our lives for whoever attends these events, so we always have something in common to talk about.

However, these events have introduced me to some great friends that i’ve had the pleasure of working with them in the last few months. A lot of work happens away from these events for us. I was lucky enough to meet Zoe at one of these Waterstones events, from ABookTasia. She got involved with our Christmas read-along in 2017 and joined in the blog tour.

We were lucky enough at the last bloggers event to have a many books gifted to us from one of the organisers. She is moving home pretty soon and brought along a lot of books that she didn’t want to take with her. I picked up a few of them that i’d wanted for a long time or had my eye on. It was a pretty lucky day for me! We were also given finished copies of The Truth and Lies of Ella Black from Penguin Platform who sponsored our event.

I’m so excited to read these books, and i want to dive in to them straight away. This bloggers event was by far my favourite. Free books and loads of really great chat with people who i’ve gotten to know quite well! There are more events planned and i’m pretty excited for them, hopefully Sophie will finally be able to join us!

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