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In the last year or two me and Sophie feel like we’ve settled in to a reading flow. We know how much we can read and what we prefer reading, along with the stories we will enjoy and wont enjoy. Sarah achieved her reading challenge of 2017 (yes, well done), and wanted a challenge in 2018 by setting some reading resolutions.

Me and Sophie have seen a few posts similar to this around the blogging community at the moment, in which people list numerous goals and resolutions they want to achieve throughout the year with their reading. We’ve seen some purely base it upon numerical challenges (how many books they want to read of certain genres etc), and some base it upon what kind of books they want to read.

The way we’re going to work this is we will both set some reading resolutions together that we both want to achieve throughout the year. And then we will set separate ones that we personally want to achieve. Both of us will look back at these in the middle of the year and see what we have achieved and what we haven’t. If we have achieved all of these so far, or most of them, we may set some new ones for the second half of the year.

The resolutions that both me and Sophie have made are:

  • Read a book that’s been on my shelf for two years.
  • Start a new series.
  • Read an autobiography.
  • Read someone else’s favourite book.
  • Take out a book from the library and read it.
  • Read a poetry collection.
  • Read a non-fiction book.
  • Read a book that is over 500 pages.

The next set of resolutions are the ones that Sarah has made:

  • Finish reading the works of John Green.
  • Read a sequel.
  • Read a short story collection.
  • Read a book by Roald Dahl.
  • Read a book based in my home city.
  • Read a book in a day.
  • Read a book set in a place I’d like to visit.
  • Judge a book by the cover and read something purely on aesthetics.

The last set of resolutions are the ones that Sophie would like to achieve:

  • Reread His Dark Materials series (and then The Book of Dust).
  • Finish Anna Karenina (this has been a two year thing, I need to carry on with it honestly).
  • Finish reading the works of Nina LaCour.
  • Read a book in a genre that’s out of my comfort zone.
  • Read a book about filmmaking.

Who knows if we’ll manage all of these, i hope we do but we know we have set ourselves a bit of a challenge with this one. Maybe we might end up needing the whole year to achieve all these lists.

Do you have any bookish resolutions? If you do, leave them in the comments below.

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