December 2017 Wrap-Up

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The last month of the year is always a tough one for reading when you have a reading challenge looming over you. I for one spent a lot of December panicking about not achieving my reading challenge (spoiler, i did it) so i tried to fit in as many small and easy books as i could.

It Only Happens In The Movies by Holly Bourne
This was my first Holly Bourne read, i was underwhelmed and overwhelmed all at once. I enjoyed the story and the easy writing style, however i found it slightly too cliche as it is based upon romance movies. It’s a great read if you want a cheesy YA story. My full review of It Only Happens In The Movies is HERE.

We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
FINALLY i got around to reading this very small book. I don’t know why it took me so long to reading this famous speech, but i really enjoyed reading it in the end. I didn’t give this one a star rating, i don’t think it’s right to give it one, but i enjoyed the different point of view on feminism it gab ve me.

The Unpredictability Of Being Human by Linni Ingemundsen
I received a copy of The Unpredictability of Being Human in exchange for a review from a bloggers event. I really didn’t think much of it when i picked it up, and figured it would sit on my shelf for some time. Something possessed me to pick it up and i’m so glad it did. In the end it was one of my fastest reads of 2017 and a book i very much enjoyed. It’s not got as much hype as it deserves so check out my REVIEW and pick yourself up a copy.

I Am Traitor Sif Sigmarsdottir
I Am Traitor is an arc that i picked up at YALC 2017, and i was actually very excited for it when i picked it up. Even half way through the novel i was absolutely loving it. Something went incredibly wrong for me with this story after that, i lost interest and ended up not enjoying it. I don’t think i’ll be continuing on with this series.

I’ll Be Home For Christmas – An Anthology
Our read-along this year was I’ll Be Home For Christmas and that means i finally got around to reading it! I picked up my copy of this last year and never got around to reading it, so sharing the experience with my friends and fellow bloggers this year felt wonderfully festive. Our wrap-up for the whole read-along is HERE if you want to give it a read.

The Twelve Days Of Dash and Lily by David Levithan and Rachel Cohn
David Levithan is one of my favourite authors, so reading the Christmas story of Dash and Lily was a nice tick in reading everything David has ever written. I’ve missed these characters and their adventures and this un-festive festive novel was my perfect read this Christmas!

The Creakers by Tom Fletcher
Reading The Creakers admittedly was a last ditch attempt at finishing my yearly reading challenge on time. I already knew that i loved Tom Fletchers writing style and his amusing whimsical stories, so i figured i would fly through this one. No doubt it doesn’t have the magic of The Christmasaurus, Tom’s first novel, however it is a wonderful story for all ages.

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Books Read: 7

Pages Read: 2,078

Average Pages Per Day: 67

Average Rating: 3.5

Years Of Release: 2017, 2016

Male/Female Authors: 2 male, 5 female

Genres: Contemporary, Middle Grade, Short Stories,

Books Read This Year So Far: 52

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