I’ll Be Home For Christmas Readlong Wrap-up (Blogmas)

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I cannot believe how quickly this years read-along has gone. To be honest, how quickly December has gone in 2017. We started our read-along this year on the 11th of December, and we always aim to have it completed on the 24th, which is today!

I have had a few firm favourites of this read-along. Actually all of them have been near the start of the anthology for me. Cat Clarke and Juno Dawson are authors in which i adored their festive additions. Cat Clarke’s story even persuaded me to pick up one of her novels!

Towards the end of the book my attention dipped a little with some of the stories. Julie Mayhew was one in which i thought i might love, but really didn’t enjoy for example. However it’s the final day and Lisa Williamson is up with Routes and Wings which i am very excited for. I have not read anything by her in a few years since i first read The Art Of Being Normal which i thought was a little average. However, Lisa is one of the loveliest people i’ve had the pleasure of meeting, so i’m hoping this story sends the read-along out with a bang.

I didn’t love this collection as much as last years festive anthology, however i really do appreciate the work done in to it and the money it has raised for Crisis. It has also made me feel pretty festive and full of nice warm feelings about being home for Christmas and being around friends and family, and for me that is truly all that matters at Christmas time.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed and kept up with the tweets and blog posts this year. We really enjoy hosting these and more so this year have enjoyed hosting the blog tour that came along with it.

We are signing off for Christmas now as i’m also making this our last post of Blogmas! 24 posts in December seems pretty great to me. They’ll be a few more in the next week as i pull together what i read this year and my favourite books. But for now, have a wonderful Christmas.

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