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It’s been quite a while since me and Sophie went out on a day trip together, and even longer since we went out specifically to buy books together. We’ve always said that Christmas is the perfect excuse to spend time with each other and do the things we’ve wanted to do for a while. So i took Sophie to one of my favourite book shops.

There’s a book shop about an hours drive from where we both live, that i’ve been wanting to introduce Sophie to for a long time. It’s basically a book warehouse, with new copies of pretty much every genre you can think of, all at discounted prices. I’m not saying that these books will be the most current and you’ll definitely find what you’ve been after from your TBR piles. However, they’re pretty cheap and it’s a great excuse to pick something up you might not have heard of before.

This visit, i set myself a money budget (if anyone’s interested, my budget was £20, i spent £22 and came away with seven books) and the goal of finding something completely new, and also something that i’ve wanted to read for a while. Anything else was just a bonus.

Luckily i managed to find two books that i had wanted for quite some time, and one that i’m interested in reading that i’d never heard of before. The full list of what i picked up in that shop is:

  • The Kissing Game (a short story collection) by Aidan Chambers
  • The Museum Of Things Left Behind by Seni Glaister
  • Mother Tongue by Julie Mayhew
  • London Belongs To Us by Sarra Manning
  • As Old As Time by Liz Braswell
  • Lost In A Book by Jennifer Donnelly
  • Relitivity by Antonia Hayes

I’m pretty excited about all of these finds, and i really hope that i can get around to reading some of them early in the new year. I have a few months before YALC preparation starts, so i’m going to aim for a few of these!

The day after this trip, i ended up on another day trip to Liverpool. As usual, i scouted out a few charity shops (Liverpool is severely lacking) and luckily i managed to find two books that i’ve wanted to read for quite some time. I picked up:

  • Chasing The Stars by Malorie Blackman
  • The Boy Who Kicked Pigs by Tom Baker

I’ve had my eye on Chasing The Stars for quite some time now, and i’ve never found it in a charity shop before. SO i felt as though i couldn’t really pass it up for £1. Also The Boy Who Kicked Pigs was a novel recommended to me some time ago because i enjoyed The Melancholy Death Of Oyster Boy so much, and i managed to find that after having never seen a copy before!

This is definitely my last little haul before Christmas, and once January hits i think a buying ban will be necessary until at least March. I seem to have accumulated a lot of reading material (lets face it, on top of my massive pile of reading material) in the last few weeks, so taking a break from buying to actually read seems like a good idea.

Let me know if there are any books you’ve bought recently!

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