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For a long time i was unable to read with noise around me. I liked to read completely on my own and in silence. Ever since i found a love of reading in cafes and public places, obviously i had to get used to noise and music being on constantly. I ended up finding it pretty relaxing whilst reading.

Once i’d started reading in cafes more and being used to having noise around when i read, i very quickly noticed something was missing when i sat down to read in my bedroom in the silence. I needed noise to be able to concentrate. Very quickly i had to figure out some music to listen to whilst i read.

I can’t listen to just anything whilst reading, it has to be something i don’t know very well (because i’ll get distracted if i know every single lyric), which rules out artists/albums that i already love. It also has to be something quite chilled out that i can play on silent, i’ve found albums/artists that sound just like quiet noise when being played on low are the best to read to.

I’m going to share with you a few albums that i’ve found absolutely great to read to, and i hope you find one that suits your reading tastes!

Flicker by Niall Horan 
I’ve never been quiet about the fact i really loved One Direction, however Niall’s solo album has the exact qualities i just described and is really easy to listen to when you’re trying to focus on something else. There are a few songs that are a little bit more upbeat, so pick the ones you want and maybe make them in to a playlist.

I Do Perceive by Owen
This album was recommended to me after i gave my specifications for reading music to a few different people, and this is probably the best i’ve found to listen to whilst being invested in a book. It really does just sound like quiet and relaxing noise whilst you’re reading, and it’s very easy going.

Carry Fire by Robert Plant
I started listening to Carry Fire because i genuinely enjoy Robert Plant’s music, however i very quickly realised that it is a great album to read to. It’s very heavily based on beats and tones which is great for that ‘just sounds like noise’ thing. I really love this album anyway, but definitely whilst reading it’s a great background album.

Young Pilgrim by Charlie Simpson
Young Pilgrim is an album i know far too well to be able to listen to it whilst reading. I adore this album and have since its release quite a few years ago now. I imagine if someone else doesn’t know the album it would be great to listen to whilst reading though. Give this one a try for definite!

Heathen by Colouring
Colouring are a new band that i have discovered pretty recently, but their EP Heathen has become one of my go-to reading soundtracks. The beats to this EP are wonderfully relaxing and they’re a really good band for not just sounding like ‘noise’ if you wanted something a little more pop based to listen to while you read! Even if you don’t read to this EP, check it out.

These are the best albums and artists that i’ve found for reading to at the moment! If you have any recommendations that are even mildly similar to these, please let me know in the comments or on Twitter! I hope you find something you like from these recommendations!

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