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We all spend a lot of time on the internet talking about what we do. We read this thing, we play this game, we like this band. However, we don’t often discuss things that we don’t do. There are many genres that bloggers don’t read from, me included, and i want to talk a little bit about genres that i barely read from, or think i will never read from.

As i have grown up, i have tried my best to vary my reading habits. This doesn’t necessarily mean that i’ve been successful in doing that. My tastes still very clearly sit within YA, and although i do not push myself much further away from my comfortable genre, i do enjoy stepping out of it every so often. For example i very much enjoy reading a graphic novel in between many fiction books, or even some poetry.

As someone who is dyslexic, i struggle to understand a lot of the writing in more complicated story-lines. For example genres which have a lot of complicated character names or numerous places you have to remember don’t sit with me too well. A lot of these things fall under fantasy novels, which means i do not read from that genre at all. Some of the more simple YA fantasy i can just about cope with, but anything more extravagant there is no chance i’ll understand it.

Another genre that i very rarely read from is poetry. It’s not that i don’t enjoy poetry, in fact it is becoming one of my favourite forms of creative writing. However, i find it very hard to find poems that i connect with by authors that i enjoy. I tend to enjoy more humorous poets with modern twists to their writing. That pretty much irradiates any ‘classic’ poets out there. They don’t sit well with me and i don’t connect to the writing.

Whilst on the topic of classics, i can say ‘i’m going to try and read more classics’ as much as i want, but realistically that never happens. I have said that statement numerous times on this blog by now, and i never have given classics a chance after saying it. It’s a genre that i’m not very much interested in and i think i’d find too complicated to read (i know, i know, don’t knock it until you try it). I would very much like to be one of those people who can sit and read a classic novel happily, but i don’t think it will ever be me.

I have tried at numerous points in my life to pick up mystery and crime novels. Something with a little bit of intrigue that can keep me guessing is actually one of my favorite types of book. However, i’ve not found many that will keep my attention. I’m finding a lot of the ‘hyped’ mystery novels now are pretty much the same story, which is a massive shame when it’s a genre that i very much would like to read more from. But as it stands, i read absolutely nothing so far.

These are just a few of the genres that i wish i could pick up, and some that i’m actually just not very interested in. I don’t want to rule any reading opportunities out at the age of twenty-two, but i don’t see myself absolutely loving any of these in the near future.

What are some genres that you absolutely refuse to read from?

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