I’ll Be Home For Christmas Readalong – Day 1 (Blogmas)

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Today is the day that we start our eagerly awaited read-along! We have been hosting read-alongs on this blog for as long as we’ve been running it (over two years now, can you believe it?) and this Christmas is no different! A few weeks ago we announced that our read-along book will be I’ll Be Home For Christmas, a collection of short stories from a load of our favourite YA authors!

You can check out our announcement HERE if you missed it. And also we announced that there will be a blog tour for this read-along a few days ago. You can see where to read more content from this wonderful book throughout the next few weeks HERE.

I cannot wait to really get in to some of these short stories, i’ve been feeling increasingly festive in the last few days (probably due to being stuck indoors ill and being made to look at the Christmas tree for that time), which means i’m ready for a festive read.

The first story in the collection is Home and Away by Benjamin Zephaniah It’s a very short poem based around Crisis, the charity benefiting from sales of I’ll Be Home For Christmas. It felt like the perfect way to kick off this collection, it was short and got straight to the point of the charity (which if you didn’t know is to help the homeless, a huge issue around Christmas time and winter). I’ve started to love short story collections that kick off with a poem.

Tomorrow is the beginning of the short stories with Non Pratt’s Ghosts Of Christmas Past. This will be my first taste of Non Pratt’s writing (i know, i’m awfully behind), so i’m actually very excited to see what the hype is about!

Don’t forget to tweet us about how you’re finding the read-along and what stories you’re enjoying (@TLCCBlog) and use the hashtag #TLCCreadalong on Twitter and Instagram to join in the conversation!

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