Christmas Readalong 2017

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The time is upon us, and that time is Christmas time. Each year so far on the blog we’ve organised a Christmas Read-Along. Mainly so myself and Sophie have an excuse to read something together. But last year so many of you got involved in our read-along of My True Love Gave To Me it became a whole lot more community based and exciting! It fueled us to do a very similar event this year!

Last years read-along worked so well because it was short story based. Each day we read a different story from My True Love Gave To Me, and it worked because everyone involved was focused on a particular story. Meaning that we could all discuss the exact same thing in the evening or next day, leaving no-one behind (except when we didn’t have time to read, oops!)

This year we decided to find another festive themed short story collection for our read-along, and i honestly cannot wait for this one to begin! We will be reading…


I’ll Be Home For Christmas features the likes of Juno Dawson, Lisa Willamson and Non Pratt, all authors i am unbelievably excited to read from. The book is a collection of YA stories which center around the theme of ‘home’ during the festive period. It was published in 2016 with £1 of every copy sold going to the charity Crisis.

We will be completing the read-along on the 24th of December (as we did in previous years). Which means this read-along will begin on the 11th of December. The first installment will be a poem by Benjamin Zephaniah entitled Home and Away.

I’m so excited to start the read-along this year, i think it will only push me further in to the manic festivity that i’m already feeling this year (and to be honest, have been feeling for the last few weeks). I hope you can all join us with our read-along. It’s open to absolutely everyone to jump in and out of as you please, the more people we have involved the more interesting the conversation is!

Use our hashtag #TLCCReadAlong on Twitter (@TLCCBlog) to get involved!

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