A Change Is Gonna Come Readalong (Day 4)

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It’s day 4 of our read-along blog tour! If you didn’t know, me and Sophie are hosting a read-along of A Change Is Gonna Come, a BAME anthology all about change. We’ve both been waiting to read this collection for a long time, and reading a story a day means we get to discuss everything together. Which is GREAT!

In case you didn’t know, we are reading a story a day from the A Change Is Gonna Come anthology in the order they are in the book. That means you can dip in and out as you please, and make sure to let us know on Twitter using the hashtag #TLCCDoesChangeBook to join the conversation!

The first three days are over, which means we’ve read so far The Elders On The Wall by Musa Okwonga, Marionette Girl by Aisha Bushby and yesterday we read Astounding Talent! Unequalled Performances! by Catherine Johnson. My favourite so far has been Marionette Girl, due to it’s contemporary mental health feeling, which both of those words are in my list of bookish buzzwords. However the first poem by Musa Okwonga left me thinking deeply about a lot of things.

Today’s story is Hackney Moon by Tanya Byrne. I’ve been wanting to read something by Tanya Byrne for so long now, and after seeing her speak on the YALC panels it’s made me love her even more. Now i’ve read her short story, i feel even more excited to pick up one of her full length novels.

Hackney Moon is a lot more contemporary than i’ve read in this anthology before, and as the story deals with LGBTQ+ themes, it feels very very relevant and also close to Tanya Byrne’s heart. It is written so beautifully and definitely is my favourite of the stories so far!

Keep an eye on our Twitter (@TLCCBlog) for updates on the read-along and join the conversation! I’m absolutely loving being able to talk to people about these stories.

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One thought on “A Change Is Gonna Come Readalong (Day 4)

  1. I’m finally catching up!! I’ve just read the third one – Astounding Talent! Unequalled Performances! by Catherine Johnson. I agree with you, my favourite so far is the second one (I hope the cat is okay 😭) but I really liked the poem too. Can’t wait to read the rest!


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