Videos or Blog Posts? (Or both!)

Book Review HeaderLately, I’ve been watching more booktubers and getting into their videos, after Sarah recommending me many for the past few months! I’ve been watching more youtubers generally lately and I think that’s why I decided to venture into more bookish videos!

I started watching their videos before bed, in the time I usually read blog posts. But then I neglected reading posts instead and I want to do both!

I’ve seen a lot of tweets lately from people about whether they prefer watching videos or reading posts and I read a thread (I’m so annoyed I never retweeted it or liked it because now I can’t remember who it was!) about what people like and dislike about both mediums.

I wanted to talk about the pros and cons in my opinion of both because although personally I’m more of a fan of reading blog posts, I still like booktube and it definitely has good points that posts don’t have.

For me, I love the ease of reading a post before bed – they’re often much quicker than videos. I also love the chatty writing and different people’s writing styles. I have certain blogs that I check on often because I love their writing style so much. I also love checking out the layouts of different peoples blogs, and photos too! I love when people have their own photos for posts (it’s why I love following so many bookstagram accounts too!)

Videos do however have more personality in them. Just the fact there is someone there talking about their favourite books or doing a fun book tag helps to add this. With posts it doesn’t always come through. I also think some topics work better spoken out loud – when you’re writing about quite a complex or controversial topic, it sometimes comes across better spoken.

I need to watch more booktubers (please recommend me your favourites) so maybe my opinion will change the more I watch but I do have such a love for a good written post.

How do you feel about this? Do you have one you much prefer or do you feel okay about both?

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