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I think we all have those book series’ lying around, unread and neglected. They’re usually bought when they popped up in a charity shop or for a cheap price somewhere. If they’re not on your shelves, they’re on a (often ignored) to-read list. They’re usually quite popular series and everyone goes crazy about them and you’re too busy to read them at the time or you want to wait for the hype to quieten but then its 4 years later!

The main problem I’ve found is many of these series’ are ones I got when I was in a very series obsessed state of mind. Years ago, I basically only read series and rarely any standalone books. This changed a lot when I went to university (no correlation, it’s just weird it happened that way) and I found myself reading so many wonderful standalone books and I enjoyed the fact that’s all they were. I didn’t want any added extras!

So here’s a few books I really need to get started on!

Millennium by Stieg Larsson
I bought these about 7 years ago I think? So they are long overdue to be read! I’ve wanted to read these for so long but I just haven’t had chance and honestly, after my aversion to reading series’ I was intimidated by the length of them. It felt like a commitment to start the first because then if I enjoyed it, I didn’t want to have to ignore other books to carry on with them all (the new, multiple book reading me is now excited by the idea of being able to read 4 books at once).

Gone series by Michael Grant
Sarah bought me these ages ago and I have read the first one, and although I found it a little difficult to get into at first because of the main characters being so young, I ended up really liking the story. I think for these I need to remember that they are written in a younger voice for a younger audience and get myself ready for that! I really do want to carry on with these and I feel like I could get through them quickly!

Mara Dyer trilogy by Michelle Hodkin
When Sarah read these a while ago, she kept telling me to read them and I just never got round to it and had so many other books I wanted to read that these got left behind. I still don’t even own them (I think I may have to borrow them some time soon…). I don’t know many people who have read these books but I have heard good things about them and they do sound like something I would really like!

A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin
I watch Game of Thrones and since watching I’ve wanted to read the books to have more story and insights of my favourite characters (especially since most of them have died and I want to know more!). My friend, Bethan, is reading them at the moment and she was saying about how it’s good to be able to have more knowledge about certain plot lines and characters

A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket
I read up to number 10 in these when I was a kid but I never got up to 13 because I found them too dark! I think young me binge read them too fast and got stuck in some sort of dark mindset and I needed happiness! However, now I really want to reread them and actually finish the series too.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before series by Jenny Han
Again, another recommendation from Sarah! If ever you wondered about our friendship, just know a big part of it is recommending books to each other! I actually really want to read these soon because I want a nice light read that doesn’t need much concentration. And I’ve heard lots of positive reviews about these, particularly, the first one!

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4 thoughts on “Book Series’ I Need to Read

  1. The Mara Dyer trilogy is one of my favorites, I love those books so much and a new trilogy will come out of one of the main characters soon so if you feel interested I think it’s a good time to read it, I really recommend 😍😍


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