Why Aren’t Reviews More Popular?

It’s the age old question of book-bloggers and book-tubers, anyone who puts their bookish opinions out there. Why aren’t reviews read more?

On this blog, i’ve noticed a massive difference in the views that reviews get and that other posts get. It doesn’t matter what the post is, anything will get more views than when i put up a review. It doesn’t even seem to matter what book the review is of, it’s very rare it will get a high view rate.

I really enjoy writing reviews, sharing my views of the books that i’ve read. It’s what i started this blog for, the ability to share my opinions on books. Easily, reviews are the most personal parts of book blogging. You are sharing your direct opinions and feelings on a book that you loved or hated, and often you are putting yourself forward for criticism after hammering in to a really popular book. They can often be the most interesting posts because you can find out a lot about a person.

So why aren’t they read more? People don’t seem to take much notice of reviews that are on a blog or YouTube channel, however when it’s added to the bottom of an Amazon page, those reviews are the deciding factor between buying a book or not.

There is the aspect that ‘who are we to judge the book?’ I am in fact a lowly human being who’s decided to pick a book up and share my opinion of it. So what’s the point in listening to someone who’s opinions shouldn’t really matter? But books are written for people like us. The people who have blogs and want to be entertained and people who are willing enough to write a review for free for these authors and spread the word about their books.

So the question i really, should you stop writing reviews if no-one (term used loosely, there are SOME people) is reading them? I don’t think you should. For me a review is a chance to get out all my feelings about a book, and go a little more in depth to my thoughts. I can pull my ideas on a book together and clarify a lot of things by thinking over what i’ve read and putting down my thoughts.

That’s why i personally really love to read and watch reviews. You get a much more in depth opinion of the book, and particularly i like reading reviews of books that i’ve already read, finding out other people’s opinions.

So i urge you to read some more review posts, let people know you’re interested because there are a lot of interesting points in review posts. Points that you wouldn’t have known about a book otherwise. You never really get a true overview of a book when it’s just mentioned in a blog post or it’s advertised on a blog.

Read some reviews and you might just find your next favourite book!


4 thoughts on “Why Aren’t Reviews More Popular?

  1. I’ve been reading reviews from the start and tend to comment on almost every one I read. Even on the ones I just read diagonally because of spoilers, haha.
    I know I like it when people comment on mine; even if it’s just a simple “Nice review!”. At least you feel a little bit more like you actually reached someone.

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  2. Great post on reviews. Running a fledgling review blog myself, I recognize many of your comments. One of the factors why review blogs are bound to serve a niche market relates to the books we select. Not only the review is very personal. Even more personal is the selection of that one book. Of the estimated 20 million books in print, the chance is high that a selection is not very relevant for a reader, except for setendipitous discovery.

    You mentioned Amazon reviews which I also find very useful. However, the mindset there is very different: a reader is searching for that particular book, and already considering to buy, or add it to a wishlist.


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