Best Books Of The Year (So Far)

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There’s no time like the middle of the year to think about what you’ve read so far and what you loved. I’ve always done monthly wrap-ups and yearly round-ups of what i’ve read, what my ratings were and my favourites. However, i figured i may as well throw a post in mid-year about what i absolutely adored from this year so far. It might give you a little inspiration as to what to read for the next six months!

So far in 2017 i’ve read a total of twenty three books. That’s a lot for some people and very little for others, but i’m right on track for my end of year goal and actually really pleased with that number.

Luckily, out of these twenty three books i’ve read, i’ve actually adored quite a lot of them, and a lot of these have ended up being five star reads for me. At the start of the year i knew they’d be books released that i would love, and i’m so happy that my opinion on them hasn’t changed at all.

After starting the year off with The Sun Is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon (which i think me and the entire population loved), i read The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch and completely fell in love with it. I’ve never read such a life affirming book that has inspired me to be the best i can be. I cannot stress how much i think everyone should read this book.

Just a few books after i had the pleasure of reading Caraval by Stephanie Garber, which i know a lot of people now have problems with, however i loved it and still do. It’s such a wonderfully told story of magic and mystery and really does transport you to another place. It was a highly loved story of this year without a doubt.

Ever since i read The Drowning Of Arthur Braxton by Caroline Smailes, i don’t think i’ve shut up about it. I’ve completely lost track of the amount of times i’ve recommended it to someone or even mentioned it on the blog. It’s been a very long time since i’ve read a very well written and imaginative magical realism novel, and this completely took me back. Considering it’s set in Manchester, i found it very easy to envision and i was shocked at how much i connected with it. Hands down this is one of my favourite novels now.

Patrick Ness’ latest novel, Release, completely took me by surprise with how much i enjoyed it. Ness is easily one of my favourite authors, but at the same time i’m a little hit and miss with his writing. This story grasped my attention right until the last page and i ended up flying through it. It’s a wonderfully told story of a gay teenager who just has a really bad day with his unconventional family. I adored it.

There are more books that i’ve loved this year. We Are Okay by Nina LaCour was absolutely stunning, a true thought provoking novel that encompassed a lot of feeling. Also The Hate You Give has one of the most impactful story-lines i’ve ever encountered within a YA novel.

I really hope that my reading year continues to be as great as it’s started. Without a doubt it’s been one of the best six months i’ve ever had with reading, and i think that’s because i’m being a little more picky about my choices. I’m reading things that i think i will love or know that i really want to read. There are so many more great books on my TBR for the year so i hope i love them as much as i have these.

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4 thoughts on “Best Books Of The Year (So Far)

  1. So I haven’t read any of these (oops) but I did just check out Caraval from the library so I’m gonna be reading that soon. But all of these books do look really good!!!


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