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I’ve talked a lot about buying second hand books on this blog already. I’ve never been shy about telling you all that most of my books (or a great chunk of them) come from charity shops and second hand in other ways. There are so many reasons why buying second hand is a good thing!

This is why, me and my father have recently set up an eBay page together, selling on our loved books. Okay, not all our books are loved, some are unread, but ones that we think would definitely be better off in a home where they will be loved and read.

We sell mostly Science (my dad’s part, obviously) and i take care of the Fiction. Some of this is YA, some of it adult and women’s fiction. Everything that we sell is fantastic quality and to top it all off, our postage is free to the U.K!

I try and update regularly with what i’m culling from our shelves, and every so often you might notice a price drop in some of our books. So keep checking back and make sure you’re getting a good deal!

As i said, a lot of the books that i put out there are new, or of new quality, one of the perks of buying second hand. It’s difficult to find ‘like new’ books at such low prices. Even in charity shops you can’t necessarily get a book that’s a neat and tidy as some of these.

If you’re looking for J.K.’s latest releases, a book on Falconry or Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith, we have it all! Click the link just below to see what you can find, and if there’s nothing for you right now, we add regularly, so make sure you keep checking.


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