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I’ve gotten in to the habit now of talking about what i’m reading at the moment, my choices, why i made them and what i like/don’t like. It’s always a little more informal than a wrap-up or something similar. So here are the things that i’m currently reading…

Last week, Sophie uploaded a post about reading numerous books at once. I’ve never been a person to read more than one book at a time, especially not focusing on every book at the same time. However, i’ve spoken to her about it in depth over the past few months and figured i might as well give it a go. I always feel like i could break up my reading a little more and see what other styles of reading i would enjoy. So this was my chance.

After finishing I Have No Secrets by Penny Joelson VERY quickly a few days ago, and also having started Doing It by Hannah Witton and still reading that, i felt like i had to have a fiction book on the go too. So i searched my YALC TBR list and came up with A Darker Shade Of Magic by V. E. Schwab. I’ve wanted to read this for so long, and the time felt right, so i started it.

Very quickly in to the novel i realised that it’s one of those books i’m just not going to find that easy. I’ve spoken about it in my ‘Dyslexic Reader‘ post a few months ago, but i definitely do not think that i would be able to focus on this reasonably long novel for a long time due to the complexity of the writing. So i started it with the determination to finish…at some point!

So a few hours later, i picked up The One Memory of Flora Banks by Emily Barr in the hope that this contemporary will ease me in to the much heaver A Darker Shade Of Magic a little bit. It’s somewhat worked. Whereas i’m still finding the high fantasy more difficult to read, i don’t feel the pressure to read it so quickly now.

That’s that. I’m reading three books at once at the moment and am actually enjoying all three. I do think my favourite at the moment is the non-fiction Doing It. I really love Hannah Witton’s writing style and i appreciate how diverse she’s made this book. I would definitely recommend this so far. I also think it goes by incredibly fast for a non-fiction read, something that surprised me a lot.

I’m aiming to get all of these books read before YALC at the end of July. They’re all on my TBR and all by authors that i very much would like to meet and get these books signed. Dipping in and out of books at once really is something i’m enjoying at the moment.

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  1. I usually read a few books at a time–one hard copy, one e-book, and listen to an audio book. For some reason that always helps me keep the plots and stuff separate.
    Also I really want to read A Darker Shade of Magic. I can’t wait to read your review for that! And I’ve been seeing a log about The One Memory of Flora Banks, but still really have no idea what it’s about!


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