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I’ve spent a lot of time on this blog over the last two years sharing my book reviews with you. I’ve pretty much reviewed every single book i’ve read in the last couple of years and posted it up for others to see, and these include a star rating out of five handily placed at the bottom of the page. But i’ve never really discussed what my rating system is and what a book entails to have a one star or five star review. Here’s the explanation for you!

1 One Stars Generally speaking, if i have a one star rated book i just don’t bother giving it a rating. Most likely i’ve hated this book so much i would rather never speak about it again. There is nothing i particularly like in one star books, no redeeming feature and they are often quite problematic. I don’t think i’ve ever given a one star rating on this blog and i’m hoping to keep it that way!

2 Two Stars

A two star review for me is something that i generally found slightly entertaining but was still problematic. My reviews are heavily based upon what i think should be allowed out in the world and what shouldn’t. Books with awful themes or books that haven’t dealt with something well then i’d give it a two star. Also books that i generally didn’t enjoy AND think that others wouldn’t enjoy either. A lot of my two star books have been because the writing was just bad.

3 three Stars

Three stars are usually reserved for books that i have enjoyed and found entertaining, but haven’t made an impact on me or my life. These are the books that in two weeks i won’t remember the characters names or probably will be able to tell you one or two scenes at most. They have kept me going for a week whilst i wanted entertainment, but not much longer. I usually give an average contemporary a three star rating.

4 four Stars

When i give a book a four star rating, i’ve most likely really enjoyed it. I’ve found it entertaining, found very few flaws in it, the writing has been above average and the story was well told. Most of my reviews end up being four star. I’m easily pleased when it comes to novels that all i really am looking for is an interesting story told in a decent way. If i have that i’m more than happy.

5 Five Stars

If a book has a five star review i can guarantee it will be one of my favourite books. Very luckily over the last year or so i’ve found some books that i will carry with me forever (metaphorically, obviously), and some of my favourite reads. Books such as The Catcher In The Rye by J.D. Salinger, The Drowning of Arthur Braxton by Caroline Smailes and The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch have all made five star reviews. These are books that i definitely have fallen in love with, and books that pop up in my head when i’m asked what my favourite books is. Without a doubt if you see a five star review on this blog it’s because i really, truly recommend you read this book.

There you have a little bit more information about what my ratings actually mean in reviews. There are a few ‘four and a half’ stars floating around the blog and other half a stars, but you get the jist of what i’m talking about with this post now.

Let me know in the comments how you rate the books you review!

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