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It’s been a while since i’ve done an update of what i’m reading, what i plan on reading and generally what is going on in my life that’s letting me read a lot or not read at all. That’s a lot of reading! Here’s a little bit of an update for you of what to expect in the next few weeks and what’s been going on!

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently reading, which is a blessing. Luckily my life hasn’t been too manic over the last few weeks, letting me crack on with my YALC TBR. SO far i’ve managed to read about five of the books that i wanted to get done before YALC. These include Release by Patrick Ness, We Come Apart by Sarah Crossan & Brian Conaghan and also Wing Jones by Katherine Webber. These are all authors who are attending YALC this year and books i wanted to get to pretty quickly.

You may or may not know that i’m only reading YALC authors up until the event at the end of July. I don’t think it will ever be enough time to get everything read i want to. I think my YALC TBR currently stands at around ten or twelve books, which is way more than i’m going to get done, i’m aware of this.

I’ve recently started The Girl In Between by Sarah Carroll and whereas i am loving it and am intrigued by the plot, it’s nothing as i expected it to be. I’m actually really surprised about how different this story is to what i thought i was going in to. I don’t know how to feel about it still. It seems like a really quick read and there’s not many pages to it so hopefully i will get it done quickly.

Also as you may or may not know, we have our LGBTQ+ Book Club still running. You can find all the information for it HERE if you’re interested in what it is or even joining in. For May and June we chose Girl Hearts Girl by Lucy Sutcliffe, which a few of our friends have already read and so has Sophie! Here review is HERE if you want to take a look at that too. I really need to get on with reading this book, and i’m putting it off a little because of YALC and because i know it’s not something i think i’d enjoy anymore. I really do need to get around to it so it might be my holiday book for next week!

I’m really enjoying reading at the moment, and that is definitely showing in the amount of reading i’m managing to get done. It’s been such a long time since i’ve read this much and been so interested in different stories. I think a lot of that might have stemmed from BEDM that we managed to complete last month! I cannot believe we did thirty one posts in May! Well done us.

Things to look out for on the blog in the next few weeks are definitely more reviews! I have a backlog of reviews waiting to go up from all the books i’ve been reading recently, so if you’re interested in reading reviews this will be a great few weeks for you! Also i have a few tags i want to do and some ideas for posts. Keep your eyes on the blog, it’s all very exciting!

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