BEDM: May 2017 Wrap-Up

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I cannot believe we’ve reached the end of May! Doing monthly wrap-ups mean you realise how fast the time is going. I’m sure you know from my other blog posts and from Twitter that i’m in the midst of a YALC panic. I have so many books i want to read before YALC and i definitely don’t think i’ll get through them all. So for the next few months i’ll be solely reading books from authors who are attending YALC and i want to get to before the event. May was the start of that.

So the books i’ve read this month are all from YALC authors that i’m excited for. Also at the end of the post i’ve started adding a ‘Stats’ section, in which i talk about how many pages i’ve read, my average ratings etc. Something for me to keep an eye on and for you to nosy at!

Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han 
The first book i picked up in May was the final installment in the Lara Jean trilogy by Jenny Han. If you haven’t picked up the other two novels, the story follows Lara Jean Song and her sisters as they’re trying to get through the teenage years of their lives. I absolutely adore this series and it feels like summer when i read them. The characters are great and so are the story-lines that Jenny Han writes. They’re such easy reads it’s hard not to love them. I gave Always and Forever, Lara Jean four out of five stars. You can see my full review HERE.

Release by Patrick Ness
I then very quickly started to panic about YALC coming up and started on my YALC TBR. The post for that will be up very soon but you get a sneak peek about what is on my YALC TBR. I cannot tell you how much i loved Release. I attended a talk with Patrick Ness in Manchester which is linked HERE if you want all that information, and as soon as it was over i started reading his latest novel. This was so thought provoking yet wonderfully light. The story follows Adam who is having the worst day of his life, and because the story is set in just a day it goes by very quickly. I gave this five out of five stars.

We Come Apart by Sarah Crossan & Brian Conaghan
Continuing on with my YALC TBR, i picked up another fast paced read which is the prose collection, We Come Apart. This again was such a wonderful read. I’ve been lucky this month with reading books i really have loved. It’s a very unique story for a YA novel and covers topics in which wouldn’t usually be talked about i thought. My review will be up of this very soon so you’ll be able to read all my thoughts. I really did enjoy the story and i’d be interested to check out some of Brian Conaghan’s work now.

Wing Jones by Katherine Webber
It looks like i managed the full YALC TBR goal for this month! I was very unsure whether i’d finish Wing Jones, it was taking me quite a while to get through for some reason, but i ended up loving it. My full review will be up very soon so you can check out my full thoughts. However, the parts that i thought i’d hate about it i ended up absolutely loving. For so long i was put off by Wing Jones and the hype around it, i’m so glad i ended up giving it a go! It’s a really wonderful story about coping with situations that are out of your control. I gave this one four stars.

Stats Header High Quality

Books Read: 4

Pages Read: 1,316

Average Pages Per Day: 42.5

Average Rating: 4.2

Years Of Release: 2017

Male/Female Authors: Two male authors, three female authors

Genres: YA, Contemporary

Books Read This Year So Far: 20

I quite like having my stats laid out so i can see what i achieved (or didn’t achieve) this month. I personally think that 42 pages a day is usually about what i average to. My maximum per day is usually around 100, and that’s very rarely. The ratings this month were quite high due to me actually liking all the books that i read! They were all over 4 stars for me and i really loved each one. The main genres i read as usual were YA and contemporary.

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