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This blog started out as a hobby for me, and it still is. I absolutely adore writing and documenting my bookish thoughts and feelings and sharing them with so many people. During my two years on this site now i have picked up a few tips, tricks and hacks for book bloggers out there that might be struggling.

In the last few months i feel like i’ve really found my rhythm when it comes to blogging. I’m happy with how often i’m posting and definitely the content that is going up. I can’t remember now the last time i was unhappy with something that was published on the blog. But i know that a lot of bloggers go through blogging slumps and times when they don’t see the point in all this. I have done. Here are some of the things that have gotten me through tough blogging times and some tricks that keep blogging fresh and interesting for everyone.

Social Media
Social media is a huge one. When i first started this blog i started it as just the site. However it quickly developed in to a Twitter account, email address, Facebook page and almost everything else you can think of. Being on social media as a blog ‘business’ if you will, it makes it so much easier to interact with readers and keep up with new information. I obviously have kept my personal social media accounts, but having something that is just solely for the blog helps a lot to interact with others. Which leads me on to…

Make Friends
This is one of the hardest things to do online i think. Whoever said making friends online is easy is lying. But bloggers are a tight knit community with everyone in the exact same boat. We’re all trying to create the best content and get our thoughts heard out there in the book blogging world. I suggest joining groups or getting in in conversations online. Luckily for me, as i started blogging so did Charlotte from Wonderfully Bookish, and she has created a wonderful little book bloggers community in which we share each others posts, check out what each of us have written and it helps to boost moral between everyone. It’s really lovely to have a group of other people who book blog and are similar to yourself, it’s a huge help when getting over writing slumps too.

Be Organised
Being organised is something that i always am. At school and university i was always the person with all deadlines planned out with what to do when, i’ve always been like that. So having a schedule for the blog and keeping all my posts organised really helped. If i had an idea for a post i’d make sure that i had it scheduled in so i knew it would push me to get it up at a certain time.

Write When You Feel Like It
You know yourself, and that means you know when you want to write. I find it very hard to get in to the swing of writing if i don’t have a fresh idea or some kind of direction. That’s why as soon as inspiration hits, i have to sit down and write it right away. No matter what time of day or where i am, if i have an idea i can blast out a post in 20 minutes max. To be honest, that’s similar to how this post is being written now. Never try and write when you don’t feel like it, because most likely what will come out you will hate.

If you’re just starting out in the blogging world or have lost your way with it a little, i hope these tips have helped out a little. I’ve found all these things to work quite well for me personally. If you have any more blogging tips, leave them in the comments and lets share our ideas!

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