BEDM: Five Reasons To Go To YALC

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Me and Sophie attended YALC last year for the first time. We just attended on Saturday, but that was enough for us to want to attend the full weekend in 2017. We will definitely be returning, so we hope to see some of you around next July too. If you’re still unsure whether to return or come for the first time (and time is running out now), i’ve created a list of the five reasons you should definitely go get a ticket.

The atmosphere
There is an indescribably atmosphere to a convention. I’ve been to numerous cons but YALC seemed to have such a different atmosphere to anywhere i’ve been before. It was incredibly relaxed and happy, but had a certain buzz to the air you could only get when you’re in the presence of loads of book lovers. It seemed relaxed but hyped and that’s a very unique atmosphere. I felt like i was in Disneyland for book worms.

The people
If you’ve not been to a con before, the chances are you wont know that at most cons, you end up making friends! It’s hard not to when thousands of people with the same interests are forced together for a whole day. Some of these friends will be internet people you’ve spotted around, or some of these friends will be someone you’ve struck up a conversation with in a signings queue. Either way, there is no better way to spend a weekend with tons of people who love the same things you do.

The books
How can you forget about the books? At YALC there are stands from all kinds of publishing houses from Electric Monkey to Hodder and not to mention Chicken House. These publishers always bring books for you to buy on site, and they’re usually discounted prices! All of the books i got at YALC this year were £5 or less (most three for £10) and we can all agree that’s a bargain for a brand new book. Publishing houses also run competitions and challanges which allow you to win ARCS of upcoming books. They don’t usually have a lot of these, so you might need to run fast out of a signing queue to get one. Also there is an onsite Waterstones incase you’re in need of a book to be signed, with signed books from the authors attending the event incase you missed their signing!

The talks
When you were younger, i bet there was nothing more dull than sitting in a room with a lot of people, listening to someone talk for 45 minutes. However at YALC, talks are the centre piece of the day and included a whole load of authors talking about different topics. They’ll have four authors at a time talking about Soundtracks, Space, Rebellion or maybe even their own book. It’s so interesting to sit and listen to these people talk about the writing process and the characters they created. You might leave a talk thinking completely differently about a book you love.

The workshops
YALC also offers a range of workshops over the course of the weekend. These are held in a small room at the side of the event room. They happen every hour and last around 45 minutes. The best thing about them is that they are hosted by authors. That means they can share their insight and knowledge of writing to you in that 45 minute sessions. The workshops are free and happen every hour, so if you’re fast enough, you can soak up the knowledge of all of them! These workshops are perfect if you’re an aspiring writer.

There are so many more incredible things about YALC, but if i write them all this post might get ridiculously dull. The authors are always incredible and lovely and you are even given the chance to pitch your own novel to publishers and agents! Grab your tickets now!

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