BEDM: Doing It! by Hannah Witton – Live Tour and Book Review

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I started watching Hannah Witton on YouTube just over six months ago and she’s one of about four YouTubers I watch. I find her content really fun and interesting as well as educational – something which I haven’t usually found before! It’s kind of important to note here that I don’t usually watch many YouTubers – I’m certain there are many engaging and educational people but I just haven’t watched and expanded my knowledge of them! I’ve read her book, Doing It!, and watched her live show so this post is kind of a two in one review; I think it will be good to review them in relation to each other! 

I met Hannah recently at her live show in Manchester as well as her friend and fellow IMG_8187YouTuber, Lucy Moon. I wasn’t really sure what to expect but I had so much fun! Hannah and Lucy chatted with us for a while after the meet and greet, answering any questions we had. It was casual and chilled out; a perfect atmosphere for a show with so much audience participation. It was genuinely funny and clearly a lot of thought had been put into it. I had only read a couple of chapters of the book before the show but the great thing was you could appreciate it whether you had read it all or not.

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One thing I have always enjoyed and appreciated about Hannah is her complete open mindedness and admittance when she doesn’t know lots about a certain topic. Her collaborations are often with people who have more knowledge or personal experience of a certain topic. For example, she often has people who define as part of LGBTQ+ to talk about their experiences, issues or just general topics about the community and what it’s like. Doing It! is exactly the same.

She writes the vast majority of the book but certain areas are given more in-depth and personal angles with the help of guest writers. A couple of examples are authors Juno Dawson, who writes about being a trans woman, and Holly Bourne, who writes about healthy relationships. Both of these women are wonderfully great authors and their

 sections are two of my favourites in the book. It’s refreshing to see someone take a step back and use their privilege to amplify the voices of others.

Don’t be expecting a narrative from the book if you’re going to pick it up. In fact, that’s something I love about it. You can read your most anticipated sections first! Here’s some of my favourite handy and helpful features about the book:

  • Detailed index
  • Resources for further information and help on certain issues/topics
  • Guest pages
  • Myth busting about various topics

I reCcommend this book to anyone and everyone. Quite honestly, I think it would be a great text to use in schools when teaching sex education. It’s easy to read and everything is well explained in a more conversational way. It’s relatable for young people. That being said, I’m not holding my breath. I have little faith that topics such as LGBTQ+ sex and relationships will be a part of school curriculum, even though they should be.

I’ve learnt things from this book I never knew about sex and my own body, as well as other people’s bodies/experiences! Another thing that I love is that Hannah herself has already made a video about what she would do differently, so if there’s anything you feel is missing/could be improved, she has probably already mentioned it herself!

Check out Hannah and Lucy’s YouTube channels if you want to find out more about the live tour, the Doing It! book and any other of their lovely videos!

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Lucy Moon

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