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I know Sarah recently did a Pottermore re-sorting and I wanted to join the trend! My friend Charlotte over at Wonderfully Bookish also did a similar post and I loved her post format so I’m slightly stealing it! I love Pottermore mainly because of the beautiful illustrations and the extra info, like what the Hufflepuff common room looks like or individual pages for each character. It’s basically an encyclopaedia now, which I adore. 

So, these are my original results:

Hogwarts House

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 21.50.45.png

I was sorted into Hufflepuff and, my god, do I love Hufflepuff. I live and breathe this house. I can’t imagine being in another; I’m a Hufflepuff through and through. I think everyone knows the main traits of Hufflepuff’s by now; loyal, kind, hard-working and fair. I love the focus on fairness and equality in this house and I feel it fits a lot of my personality traits and feelings perfectly. It will be a huge shock if I don’t get re-sorted into Hufflepuff to be honest!

Ilvermorny House 

Now, I did this twice when it first came out (I think I did the same with my Hogwarts house too; I am a big fan of personality quizzes). I got Thunderbird and Pukwudgie. I feel torn between the two. Thunderbird “represents the soul” and favours adventurers” which I adore the sound of, especially representing the soul, but I feel like I live life too safely to be seen as an adventurer! Pukwudgie “represents the heart” and “favours healers” which I feel more connected to as I am ruled by my heart and do aim to help others where I can. We shall have to wait and see what I get this time around…

Wandacacia old

Acacia wood with Unicorn hair core, 13 and three quarter inches with bendy flexibility. Nice. I love this wand and I know that retaking the quiz will give me at least a slightly different one. Acacia is apparently a very difficult wood and isn’t for “bangs-and-smells” magic. It is only useful for the wand owner. Unicorn hair is faithful and the most unlikely to turn to the Dark Arts which I adore (sounds very Hufflepuff to me…). I feel like this will still be my favoured wand, whatever my new one is!



I got a Tonkinese cat! One of the best things about this is that Bethan (one of my best friends) and I took this test at the same time and both got the Tonkinese cat! I love this because we are quite similar and it makes sense for us to have the same one. When looking up traits of the breed, I found they are playful and can get lonely easily; I relate. Again, I love this and I don’t want a new one!!!

Now onto the re-sorting! I don’t personally think much will change but we will soon find out.

Hogwarts House


Hufflepuff! What a surprise. There’s not much I can say other than this will always be my house (I’m feeling a post about Hufflepuff pride…). I’m from the same house as Newt, Tonks and Cedric and that makes me very happy. Plus, as a little extra, look at this cute illustration of the Hufflepuff common room!

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 23.20.01.png

Ilvermorny House


The final answer is Pukwudgie! I’m happy I got this because, like I said earlier, I do make decisions based on my heart. If there’s a decision I have to make and one answer is logical but the other is where my heart lies or I feel more emotionally connected…I will pick the one I feel more emotionally attached to, even if it doesn’t make as much sense. I also feel like it goes really well with Hufflepuff as fairness and loyalty could be seen as matters of the heart (combinations of the Hogwarts and Ilvermorny houses are truly fascinating!). A house which represents the heart is definitely the right one for me.

WandScreen Shot 2017-05-09 at 23.43.28.png

I got the same! Well, kind of. It is basically the same, just nearly an inch longer. So that doesn’t really make a difference! I’m happy it stayed the same as I really do love that wand.


Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 08.37.56.png

I knew this one would be different as this particular quiz is much less rigid than the others in terms of results. It’s not only based off answers, but the speed with with you pick them. As you can see, I got a dolphin the second time around. I think dolphins are cute but I don’t feel as connected to this as I do the Tonkinese cat. I much prefer my original one if I’m honest!

I love Pottermore and whilst it isn’t the most brilliant site, I just love the extra little bits of story! A cute little post with quotes about the friendship of the golden trio? That’s exactly the content I wanted.

If you haven’t yet joined, check out the website and sign up for free here. Maybe you could re-sort yourself too! Let me know what houses, wands etc. you got when you took the Pottermore quiz; I’d love to know how much you love your results, or maybe even disagree with them! 

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3 thoughts on “BEDM: Pottermore Sorting

      1. Well I got something a bit better. I got a Sparrow this time, so not bad. And I also got a different Illvermorny house this time around. I don’t know which one I am more happy with, first I was Wampus and this time I got Horned Serpent.


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