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We all have those books that we’re just not getting through. Ones that are sat on our shelves with a bookmark half way through with the intention of picking it up again eventually. I have so many of these books.

I hate giving up on a book part way through, or getting distracted and moving on to something else. That’s not how i like to read personally because i’ll start feeling ‘reader guilt’. Man am i feeling it now. Over the past year quite a few books have made it on to my shelf that are unfinished, and at the time i honestly intended on picking them back up. Here are some of the books that have bookmarks around page 200 on my shelf at the moment…

Grind by Edward Vukovic
I received this book for review quite some time ago after i found the premise of the book interesting. It sat unread on my shelf and i finally got around to picking it up. Thankfully i’ve only had this book on my shelf again with a bookmark in for about a month. I really do want to finish this book and i put it down to start reading a more urgent new release. If i haven’t reviewed it in a few months, someone please urge me to pick this up again.

The Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher
This is a massive shameful admission for me. I’m a huge fan of Tom Fletcher, in all senses of his work, so i cannot believe i’m still only half way through his debut novel, The Christmasaurus. This book was released back in October so i have no excuse for not having read it yet. I really did enjoy the first half of this story so have no idea why i stopped!The Christmasaurus live is hitting the stage this December so i’m definitely going to have to finish it before i see the all singing all dancing stage production.

Rebel Of The Sands by Alwyn Hamilton
Yes, you’re completely right in thinking what you’re thinking. Yes i have been reading this for about a year now. I started Rebel Of The Sands in preparation for YALC 2016, and i got half way through by YALC and never picked it back up. Once again i really did enjoy the story line and the writing was engaging. I think because it’s quite far from what i usually read i lost a little interest in it and never picked it back up. Without a doubt i’m going to finish this one, but i might have to start at the beginning again.

The Night Book by Richard Madeley
I started reading this crime novel last summer on a trip to the Lake District and only got about 90 pages in to it before my trip was over and i lost interest. I think that trip taught me that starting a new book on the day you’re going on a busy holiday is not the best idea, because without a doubt that’s the reason i never continued with it. I really enjoyed the characters and the idea for this book, so i will be picking it up in the future i just have absolutely no idea when.

Girl With All The Gifts by M.R. Carey
I think this is my most shameful one of all. I started reading Girl With All The Gifts two, possibly over two, years ago now, and i’m still only 100 pages in. I really do love the story of this so far, it’s a very interesting idea and i found the writing to be engaging in the same way as Rebel Of The Sands, however i couldn’t get past a certain section of it for some reason. The reason i haven’t unhauled this in the last year is because i really do want to give this a try eventually. Again i’ll have to start at the beginning, but i’ve heard such high praise for it, i really want to see what the fuss is about.

Nevernight by Jay Kristoff
Nevernight is the first book by Jay Kristoff i’ve tried to read and by far it was one of the most hyped books of 2016. To be honest, this was a lot more complicated than my dyslexic brain imagined it to be. It’s high fantasy and that’s something that i find difficult to get my head around at the best of times, throw in a massive chunk of a hardback and it goes in to melt down. I think i read about 50 pages before feeling a little defeated and setting it back down.

Those are my most shameful reads that have made it back on to the shelf without being finished. The reason i’m not unhauling all of these is because i really want to finish them at some point. They’re books that i did take an interest in and still do. Let me know some of the books that have returned to your shelves unread, or if you stop reading, do you just unhaul them straight away?

I hope you’re enjoying BEDM and look our for our next post tomorrow!

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One thought on “BEDM: Books I’ve Still Not Finished

  1. I have a few books on my Kindle or Audible that I am still struggling to finish. I feel like most of them got dropped because of other commitments but are going to need to be restarted because I have no idea where I left off! Or rather, what happened before it.


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