BEDM: Organisation Tips

Chat HeaderI’ve recently been on a trend of trying to organise my life and although I have literally just called this a “trend” I’m hoping it lasts a good while! I’ve been doing everything I can to organise myself and my days and I just want to share what I’m doing and any tips I have!

Before I list a few ideas, I want to plug two main videos which gave me inspiration. Here’s Hannah Witton’s and Estée Lalonde’s videos on organisation (I love the fact they nerd out over it because I feel the same way).

Sleeping Pattern
I feel hypocritical writing this now as last night I went to bed at half one in the morning! However, my sleeping pattern overall has been much better recently. I make sure to set an alarm every day for 8AM and often I’ve been waking up before this. I love starting my day early and when I get enough sleep I am such a morning person at heart. If I wake early and start being productive as soon as I’m ready, it leads to a full day of productivity for me.

Wall Planner
The first thing I did was get myself a weekly wall planner. I tried bullet journalling (thatorganise is probably a whole other post) but it just didn’t work out for me. I love seeing other peoples bullet journals and the type of pages they do, but I spend way too long figuring out a layout I like and by the time I have, the week is already over! So, the wall planner is essential for me. It means I can see my whole week easily in my room and I can tick things off as I go. I even have a checklist for daily things I do, like eating my five a day and going for a walk! It looks cute too and I have adorable new pens to match it (stationary is a huge love of my life).


Don’t Ignore the Small Things
I never used to do this but I’ve recently realised how much it helps me to write down the small, often forgettable tasks. I write down if I want to tidy my room, make a phone call or even something as simple as washing my car. I’m someone who is very overwhelmed when I have lots of things to do, even if they are tiny tasks. I forget easily and I’ll procrastinate if I don’t have any sort of plan. If I list the small things, then I know I will remember them and get them done quickly.

Writing Time
This post hasn’t been very bookish but here you go! I schedule in time for writing. It doesn’t matter if it’s 20 minutes or an hour. I note down when I want to be writing for the blog. It’s important for me to keep track now or I will end up forgetting! I want to be more active on here from now on so this time is important for me. Not only this, but I have been getting back into creative writing, like short stories and scripts. I want to be writing film scripts again but I’m very out of practice. A friend and I have decided to set each other writing prompts to do each week or so to get back into writing, so having someone to help motivate me is really helpful.

Planning Time for Fun
This makes me sound like I live a very sad life but IT WORKS. HONESTLY. I set aside some time each day for anything fun I feel like doing. It gives me time to ignore anything stressing me out and just read, watch a film or take a bath and not be worrying about anything else. Relaxing and doing something you love is so important.

If you have any tips on organisation please let me know! I love hearing about how different people organise their days and I would love to know if you do any of these things too.

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