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We’re blogging every day in May! We have taken it upon ourselves to give our readers content every single day throughout May, exciting right? In case you didn’t know, many people in the blogging community take part in ‘BEDM’ (blog every day May) and this year we thought we should join in!

Last year me and Sophie speculated a lot about whether we should do BEDM, how it would benefit the blog, make us love blogging even more and we quickly came to the conclusion that May 2016 was our final month at University and we were not about to spend it behind a computer screen. So this year now we’re out in the big wide world and immersed in blogging, we’re bringing you thirty one posts in May.

There are so many benefits to BEDM. More posts, your opinions are out there quicker than they usually would be, meeting new people from the traffic to the blog, you appreciate blogging that little bit more when you post more often. There are so many reasons why BEDM is a great idea.

I really hope that this makes me fall in love with blogging all over again. Admittedly in the last few months my attention has dipped with the blog and i’ve been less interested in posting and a little careless about what i’m posting. I still have a passion for the blog and am nowhere giving it up, but i’d like a push in to loving it as much as i used to. So hopefully this will be it.

We have so many exciting reviews, event coverage, opinions posts, personal posts, hauls and anything else you can think of for you this month! I’m personally very excited about some of these posts.

We’ll also be keeping you up to date throughout May with our LGBTQ+ Book Club which the next book is starting TODAY. Find out what it is and all the information you need on THIS post and join in with us!

It’s going to be a really exciting month and i can’t wait to get started now. Bring on the blogging.

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