April 2017 Wrap-Up

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I seem to keep having very sporadic reading months. Some months have been great this year, my January was outstanding, and some not so good. I’ve dipped again a little in April due to a lot of things going on, and have only read a few of the books i was aiming for. All in all it wasn’t an awful month, but i definitely am hoping it gets a little better. Here’s what i read in April and what i thought…

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas 
I started The Hate U Give because i attended the Manchester book event for it in early April. I knew the general basis of the book from what was going around online, and was interested in it but knew next to nothing of the plot or about the author herself. Meeting her made me more eager to pick up her debut novel. It took me quite a while to finish it due to circumstances beyond my control, however i absolutely adored this book. It was born from the Black Lives Matter moment and is a wonderfully real portrayal of what it’s like to grow up black in the U.S. I have a full review up of The Hate U Give already (you can read it HERE), but i absolutely adored it and hope it becomes a book that’s still read in the distant future.

Spot The Difference by Juno Dawson
Remember when i said i was lacking in reading this month? Yep this short story was chosen because i was reaching the last week of the month and all i’d read was the previously mentioned book. I’ve been meaning to read some Juno Dawson for quite a long time, and am definitely glad i started with a short story. This was a fun and very powerful read about accepting who you are and knowing who your friends are. It also brought back a lot of memories from my school years (good and bad). My full review of this will be up very soon, so keep your eyes out for that.

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist by David Levithan and Rachal Cohn
I’ve been meaning to pick up this book for a long time. Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist is one of my favourite movies, and knowing one of my favourite authors had written the book, how have i not picked this up until now? It felt very different to the movie in my opinion, it was quite focused on the relationship of Nick and Norah instead of music. However, i enjoyed it and it was a quick read. If you’ve not seen the movie or read the book, i recommend you to do so, it’s a really wonderful YA romance. My review of this will be up in the next few weeks too.

I really hope next month i get around to reading a little more. I’m slightly under my goal for so far this year but i’m still hoping to hit my end of year target. Does anyone else ever get that feeling that no matter how much you read you should always be reading more? Ah well, hoping for a better May!

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