A Little Life Update

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I’ve always been the least active on the blog (thank goodness for Sarah) but at the very end of 2016 and early this year I had a huge dip in motivation – not just for the blog and reading, but in many areas of my life. I didn’t have the motivation to read or write anything to be honest. Once every so often I would have an hour or so of productivity but that seemed to be it and I would burn out soon after. I’ve picked up now, but it’s been a strange few weeks, so here’s a little life update. 

I dropped out of my Master’s degree a couple of weeks ago. It was a big decision for me, especially as someone who doesn’t normally quit things. However, I have no regrets. It was a good and healthy decision for me. I enjoyed it for a few months but after that it became such a stress and burden and was making me so unhappy and nervous. I debated what to do for weeks and I know I have made the right choice. I want to be doing practical work; I want to be writing film scripts, not essays.

I’ve had a stressful few months for a few reasons but cutting something out of my life which was a big cause of that stress is something I needed to do and feel better for. Lately, I have been confronting things that have been getting me down and honestly I feel so much better already. I have a job I enjoy now too and although it’s nothing I want to do as a career, it’s good for me now!

I have a few plans now which are more short term than anything, mainly because thinking too far ahead makes me anxious! I want to do some volunteering, specifically at film festivals but also just in general. I want to make short films and write scripts again and I want to get better at practical skills like video editing. I also want to read more (I’ve read three books in two weeks so this is going well) and write more posts for the blog (again, going well so far)!

I feel positive about the next few months. I’m trying to keep my goals smaller for now – read more, practice skills and write scripts – just while I get into the swing of things and feel more confident. I’m feeling pretty chilled out right now though and honestly that’s the best thing!

Expect more posts from me soon!

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