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Every reader has those trashy books that they are complete trash for (could there have been a more ‘internet’ sentence ever spoken?) I’m one of those people who gets really in to books, and adore every single little bit of them. I’m also one of those people where these books are usually completely awful. They usually have bad characters or story-lines or are just a bit dry in general. However i always go away absolutely loving them. The ‘urban-dictionary’ meaning for ‘Trash’ is something that you base your existence on, more than just a fan of that thing. So here are some of the books that i have gladly given my soul and all of my money too.

The 100 Series by Kass Morgan

The 100 is sort of a new obsession for me. I fell in love with the books just before YALC this year and whizzed through the rest of the series. I adore the characters and the cheesy bits of YA romance we have injected in to the quite traumatic story-line. I’ve very quickly become obsessed (i mean, i shout at everyone i know to read them) and thus have become a huge Kass Morgan fan. Next stop: tattooing the whole book and her face on to my body.


Giovanna Fletcher novels

This is more of a generalisation. I have known who Giovanna was for many, many years. I’ve always been a huge McFly fan, so knew who she was and what she was doing through Tom. This meant that as soon as she announced the release of her first novel, Billy and Me, i clicked that pre-order button. Since then she’s had a string of successful novels and novella’s and i’ve adored every single one of them. I never usually enjoy chick-lit, easy reading women’s fiction. I find it dry and predictable a lot of the time, however i will easy devour Giovanna’s novels in one sitting given the chance. I truly am obsessed with her writing.

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green
Before the huge hype and before the movie and before everyone knew who John Green was, i was sat in the back of libraries waving my invisible John Green flag. Once i started The Fault In Our Stars, it automatically hit that button inside me which said that this book was something i’d be obsessed with for life. And after about five years that hasn’t changed. I’m in love with Gus’ arrogance and Hazel’s unexcited spin on life. I am complete and utter trash for this book.

The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins

Back when the movie was released, Sophie pressured me and pressured me to get the books read. I didn’t think much of it, back then i wasn’t a huge reader and i definitely wasn’t interested in the genre these were. However, i heart fell completely in love with Peeta in the first novel and it’s never looked back since. I cannot express how much i adore these stories. The characters, the way they’re written, the adventure and the drama. It all makes me want to go ‘nguigjghufidfv’ inside (and probably out). I cannot get enough of The Hunger Games alike so many people out there.

Obviously i have more books which i’m just a huge fan of, ones that i enjoy and ones that i reread often. These are just the books that have taken up a little bit of my soul, the ones that i will shout about from the rooftops unashamedly and the ones that i love with my whole heart. What are the books that you’re trash for?

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