LGBTQ+ Book Club Update – We Are Okay by Nina LaCour

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As most of you may know (or should know) we have an LGBTQ+ Book Club in place throughout this year. If you didn’t know and want to know more, take a look HERE for more information on how you can join in, what is is and all that fun stuff. As i recently started our ‘book of the month’ a few days ago, i wanted to share some thoughts with you guys.

Our first book of book club is We Are Okay by Nina LaCour.

we are okay

Not only does this story have LGBTQ+ themes within it, LaCour is apart of the LGBTQ+ community herself. She strives to write happy stories for the community as she thinks that there is a lot of darkness in the books based around gay relationships.

Recently i picked up Hold Still by LaCour and absolutely loved it, along with having read You Know Me Well in which she teamed up with (the almighty God) David Levithan to write, you could say i really loved her writing style. We Are Okay was released a few weeks ago and has completely taken the book world by storm. LaCour is really making a name for herself within the YA community and i could not be more pleased for her. She’s an incredible storyteller, with a great style and delicate stories that scream to be heard.

I started We Are Okay a few days ago and i’m already in love with it. At page 70, i’m struggling a little to place the relationship between the two main characters, Marin and Mabel, but i really like the dynamic  that is being portrayed so far. I’m also really loving the amount of back story that we get of Marin, there are very few stories that go so in depth in to the characters life before the moment we’re in. I adore it.

One thing that i love about this book is that i can very clearly place the setting. Marin is at college and Mabel is there to visit after not speaking to each other for a few months. How the setting is described sounds very similar to where i used to live in my first year of University. It’s helping a lot that i can clearly picture where the characters.

I cannot wait to find out how this story plays out and what happens to these characters in the end. I’m really looking forward to figuring out their relationship. I will keep you updated on my thoughts here or over on Twitter. Follow @TLCCBlog for updates and use the hashtag #TLCCBookClub to join in the conversation!

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