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One of my favourite posts to read are the bookish confessions posts. These are the posts in which readers reveal their deepest and darkest, often most embarrassing secrets when it comes to reading (and honestly, the ones they’re most ashamed of). They’re often quite hilarious, shameful and full of personal facts that i love learning about other book bloggers. So here you go, here are my 20 bookish confessions.

  1. I sometimes bend the spine on books – i have to gear myself up to do it, and even when i do it shocks me.
  2. I probably have only read about 20% of my bookshelf.
  3. My bookshelf isn’t organised in any way…at all.
  4. On average, i probably gain about 10-15 books a month.
  5. I’ve read the whole 50 Shades Of Gray series and really enjoyed it. I don’t regret it in the slightest.
  6. I don’t actually like J.K. Rowling’s writing style. I adore Harry Potter and the worlds she creates, however her writing is very average, especially for a children’s story.
  7. I’ve only ever cried at a few books, but when i cry, i absolutely sob for hours uncontrollably.
  8. I try my best not to give up on a book, but if i’m bored, i’ll most likely never pick that book up again once it goes down.
  9. I fell very hard in love with J.D. Salinger’s writing in the last few years, however i spent years completely avoiding his works because i thought it would be too complex for me.
  10. I definitely judge a book by its cover – and it never works out for me.
  11. I get distracted so easily, which means i can hardly ever read in bed because i’m probably fiddling with everything on my bedside table i can and making excuses why i shouldn’t read.
  12. One thing that really frustrates me is when people tell me i have too many books and don’t need anymore. Do i go out and tell someone they have too many children and they don’t need more? Nope.
  13. Fantasy books really confuse me – as a dyslexic, i struggle to understand and follow the complex and often ‘wordy’ stories.
  14. I’ve re-bought about four books before. Then when i went to put them on myself and i found the same copy, i was quite ashamed of myself.
  15. I absolutely love a really cheesy chick-lit or YA contemporary novel. I want to fall in love with these characters that are falling in love with each other and feel all mushy.
  16. Accepting ARC copies is something that’s more of a stress for me than a pleasure – it’s frustrating to have a book that you’re not really sure you want to read.
  17. Often when i’m blogging, i have to Google ‘book blogger post ideas’ or else you probably won’t get a post from me for about two weeks. I just can’t get writing to come out sometimes!
  18. The massive hype around Cassandra Clare absolutely fathoms me. She’s not all that.
  19. I’m the worst person for getting hyped about a book, buying it on the release date and then not looking at it until a year later.
  20. I really couldn’t care less if the covers of books by the same author don’t match – even if books from the same series change cover, i really like looking at the differences.

So there are my 20 bookish confessions. Some of them i’m very ashamed of, you can probably guess which ones (i won’t mention that anymore…), but i think these little confessions say a lot about me as a reader!

What are some of your bookish confessions?

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