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Sophie had a brain wave, we developed a plan and now we’re rolling it out for you lovely lot to enjoy. The Little Contemporary Corner’s LGBTQ+ Book Club is underway! Keep reading for more information about our addition to the book community!

Sophie made a passing comment about an LGBTQ+ book club, and we figured it was actually a pretty great idea. So we got thinking about how this could work, what will happen and how we can get everyone involved in this.

Me and Sophie have been saying for months now that we want to read more LGBTQ+ books, fiction and non-fiction. We also didn’t want to commit to anything too large, too time consuming or ridiculous, so we came up with the idea of a casual book club, involving our family and friends if they so wish to join in! How exciting is this? All your questions should be answered in this detailed post about how it will run, if you have any ideas or more questions, drop us a message on Twitter or leave us a comment! It would be great for you all to get involved and have loads of us talking about the same books.


How often is book club?
Every two months. Instead of having a book to read a week, or a month, our book club lasts two months. So for example, we will read one book from September the 1st to October the 31st, and then start another book on the 1st of November. This gives you two months to read a book, and there’s no time limit within those two months, read it in a day, a week or over the whole two months!

How can I join in book club?
We have set up a hashtag on our Twitter account which is #TLCCBookClub. If you use this hashtag to talk about the book that we are currently reading, then we can all get involved and chat together about what is happening, characters, plot, where we’re up to and everything else possible! This will keep us all in contact!

How will we contribute to book club? 
Me and Sophie will be posting throughout the two months about those specific books that we have chosen. It means that you can get a good idea of what we think, and also we can start a discussion in the comments on the blog post about book club!

How will i keep track of book club?
First of all, we’re about to create a shiny new page on our blog that will have all our book club posts in one place, from announcements to books and to all our previous posts. That’s one way you can keep up with book club. Another way is getting in touch with us! Pop us a message with your email address and once every two months, we will send you an update via email with what we’ve read, posts that have gone up and what you can expect from the next book!

What books will we be reading? 
Me and Sophie have already planned out all the books up until Christmas 2017. That means that from January we have options open for requests, suggestions and we will release the books for next year closer to the time. All the books we will be reading are LGBTQ+ or have a theme of LGBTQ+. Most of these books are YA novels, so if that’s not your kind of thing, maybe this isn’t the best book club for you. We want to dive in to more LGBTQ+ novels and this feels like a great way to do so!

*What we will be reading:

  • March 1st – April 30th: We Are Okay by Nina LaCour
  • May 1st – June 30th: Girl Heart Girl by Lucy Sutcliffe
  • July 1st – August 31st: The Miseducation of Cameron Post by Emily M. Danforth
  • September 1st – October 31st: Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan
  • November 1st – December 31st: If I Was Your Girl by Meredith Russo

The Little Contemporary Corner’s LGBTQ+ Book Club is a great way to read a little bit more diversely. LGBTQ+ books are very important to the writers of this blog, we all identify within one of those ‘categories’ or know someone close to us who is. We want to educate ourselves a little, and get more involved in the book side of the community.

Don’t forget, if you have any questions, drop us a Facebook message or Twitter DM! All our information is on the side bar.

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* All books subject to change closer to the time, keep an eye on the blog, Twitter and emails for updates.

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