Rebellion (The 100) by Kass Morgan – Review

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Ever since last summer i have developed an unhealthy obsession with The 100 series by Kass Morgan. I read the first installment ahead of YALC ’16 and it quickly became one of my favourite series (don’t let the covers put you off like i did). I could barely contain my excitement when i found out that she would be releasing a fourth novel in December of last year, fueling my love for these books.

Title: Rebellion (The 100)

Author: Kass Morgan

Genre: YA, Sci-Fi

Publisher: Hodder Paperbacks

Publication Date: 15th December 2016

Pages: 295

Summary: The hundred, once branded juvenile delinquents, are now leaders among their people. But a new threat has emerged: a fanatical cult determined to eliminate everyone else on the war-ravaged planet of Earth.

After scores of their friends are captured, CLARKE sets off to retrieve them, certain that she can come to an understanding with these strangers. BELLAMY has a different plan; he won’t let anything – or anyone – get in the way of saving the people he loves. Meanwhile, in captivity and scared for their lives, GLASS falls under the spell of the cult’s magnetic message, and WELLS has to learn how to lead again. Unless the rescue party arrives soon, the captives will face a fate more terrifying than anything they could imagine.

If the hundred ever want to call this dangerous planet home, they’ll need to put aside their differences…and fight to protect themselves and their world.

I always like to go in to these novels with an open mind, which includes knowing nothing about the stories. I never read summaries or blurbs, because i just don’t want to know what adventures await! That meant that when it came to picking up Rebellion, i had no clue what was going to unravel. I very much thought the story would be over after book three, and it could have been left there. However i really did love the latest novel and think that it rounded off the small cliff hanger on book three very well.

The idea with these stories is that a different main event happens within each book to the main characters; Clarke, Bellamy, Wells, Octavia and Glass. Morgan always writes her novels with each chapter as a different point of view. I adore this about her books because you get numerous points of a story from different characters. It also means that as she intertwined their lives more and more we get each characters thoughts on the matter. The continuous character development and how they interact with each others lives has been a brilliant story development in these books. I can only applaud Morgan for her writing of this.

These books don’t have the best writing. They’re very YA cliche, and there are some parts that make you cringe. However the stories are something that cannot be faulted. The idea that there is a spaceship with escaped humans living on it, and them crashing to earth is unique and wonderful. Including all the trails and tribulations that they come across living on earth. I can also appreciate the plot twists that Morgan introduces in her books that other humans survived the mass destruction years ago.

I will always adore these books, and i especially did enjoy Rebellion. There are obviously a few things that i didn’t love so much, some of the timing was a little off and some of it felt rushed. However, i read through the whole book thinking there must be another story after this, it cannot be all she has left? The 100 series is such a guilty pleasure read. They’re fast paced stories with wonderful, relatable characters that everyone will love. I would recommend this series to anyone.

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