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I spent a lot of time in my teens writing. FanFiction, short stories, poems, anything, i absolutely loved to write. That’s part of the reason that fueled me to study Creative Writing at University. Reading is also a huge part of my life and that is why i made this blog, so i could talk to others about being a reader, current books and what we thought of them. I’m debating expanding a little.

I loved creative writing throughout my University career. I absolutely loved the fact we’d get a prompt and genre and a word count and were left to our own creative devices. I always had an instant idea and ran with it. However, since finishing Uni, i’ve found myself in a little bit of a writing slump. I’ve had no new ideas and absolutely no motivation to write them. This coming from an aspiring author is one great problem.

Recently, my love for writing has returned a little. I started writing a short story for Wonderfully Bookish‘s ‘Creative Writing Challenge’ and it woke the writer in me once again. It’s made me want to write and write and research writing and talk about writing all over again.

As i said, when i was younger i was massively involved in FanFiction of all kinds, anything that i could write and get it seen by others was an achievement for me.

What i’m trying to say is that there might be a few writing changes to the blog in the near future. I want to talk about writing, share experiences and ideas and possibly even post some of my work on here.

I’m thinking about opening a new page for writing, putting together everything from that in one place. I don’t want this to take over the book side of things, but for me, writing is a huge part of reading. I read because i want to get ideas and better at writing my own stories to share with others. It’s one great big, wonderful circle! So i’m going to start talking about writing a little bit more. Maybe just once a month to see how things go.

How does that sound? If you have any ideas for how this could go, what i could talk about and what you discuss about writing on your blog, i’d be more than happy to hear them. Leave me a comment down bellow!

I spent a lot of time over summer ’16 being inspired to write, and i’m glad that feeling has returned a little bit! I hope it doesn’t go away again any time soon. I’m hoping talking about it will make it stay.

Happy reading! (And Writing!)

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2 thoughts on “Thinking About Writing

  1. I’m so glad my challenge has inspired you to start writing again!! Yay! I’m exactly the same – I love writing but I’m rubbish at coming up with new ideas. I’m hoping my own challenge will inspire me too, haha!


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